New Caledonia Represents on Day 4 of APT Noumea 2016

Lau Yuen Kwon on top of Main Event Day 1A

APT Noumea 2016 Main Event Day 1A Chip Leader Lau Yuen Kwon with Chip Counts

The quest for the first-ever APT Noumea Main Event Champion began yesterday with a total of 68 entries in Day 1A of the Main Event. The cool weather was not enough to lessen the heat on the felt, as New Caledonia’s Lau Yuen Kwon ended the day on top of the chip counts with his stack of 110,975 followed by his compatriot Enrick Phamban with 74,975 in his bag.

Olivia Andre Conquers Head Hunter Event

A total of 90 entries joined for the very popular Head Hunter event. But it would be New Caledonia’s Olivia Andre who ended up with the all the chips in the end.

Olivia started the Final Eight with the second lowest stack. She crawled her way up to face Jerome Hickel in heads up. After a double up in heads up, Olivia kept the pressure on until they found themselves all in with Olivia holding K 9 against Jerome’s 10 9. The 9 on the flop held through the turn and river for the very first lady champion of APT Noumea.

APT Noumea 2016 Head Hunter Champion Olivia Andre with the Grand Casinos President Director General Maxim Chassot

The APT Noumea 2016 continues today at the Casinos De Noumea with Day 1B of the Main Event followed by the Deep Stack Turbo at 7:00pm. For more details, check out the complete APT Noumea 2016 Info page