More trophies awarded: Gartner, Razavi, and Oyama win side events

It was a triple trophy Friday at the Asian Poker Tour Cambodia 2016 with three players fading their respective fields at the Queenco Hotel & Casino in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The first one at the winner’s photo shoot was Germany’s Mike Gartner who claimed the Pot Limit Omaha High Rollers event; then UK’s Samad Razavi stepped up to the plate to capture the High Roller Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout event; and Japan’s Masaharu Oyama was the last man standing at the Head Hunter $100/bounty event.

PLO High Rollers recap

PLO High Rollers Champion, Mike Gartner

The Pot Limit Omaha High Rollers event resumed today with three survivors out of the nine entries returning to the battlefront. Japan’s Iori Yogo was at the helm, coming in with the largest stack, while Germany’s Mike Gartner and UK’s Samad Razavi were not too far behind. Picking up where they left off last night, they were at the critical bubble stage with only two players seeing the money. After a tough battle, it was Razavi who was sent packing with no dinero leaving Yogo to face Gartner at the heads up round. Looking to pick up his second trophy of the festival, Yogo put up a good fight however he too fell short as Gartner seized the title and the $2,830 first place cash.

PLO High Rollers payout
Entries: 9
Buy-in: $550
Prize Pool: $4,360
1st Mike Gartner – Germany – $2,830
2nd Iori Yogo – Japan – $1,530


High Roller Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout recap

High Roller Open Face Chinese Pineapple Champion, Sam Razavi

The High Roller Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout had a little bit of a makeover today with the four players who entered requesting for a lower buy-in of $550 (instead of $1100) along with an adjustment on the mechanics of the game, changing it to a double elimination. After a thumbs up from the tournament director, the game was on with the first round match-up between UK’s Samad Razavi versus Denmark’s Kristian Faering and Norway’s Kai Paulsen against Eduard Sato. Razavi defeated Faering and Sato beat Paulsen.

On the second round, Faering was eliminated by Paulsen and Razavi dealt Sato his first defeat. With one loss each, Sato and Paulsen faced off again while undefeated Razavi kicked back waiting for his next opponent. After two hours, Sato eliminated Paulsen and the final heads up round was set between Razavi and Sato. Clearly displaying why he was undefeated, Razavi proceeded to dominate once again, and scooped up his first trophy of the festival and a cool $1,940.

HR OFC Pineapple Shootout payout 
Entries: 4
Buy-in: $550
Prize Pool: $1,940
1st Samad Razavi – UK – $1,940


Head Hunter $100/bounty recap

Head Hunter Champion, Masaharu Oyama

The Head Hunter $100/bounty event drew in 37 entries each one ponying up $440 buy-in for a total prize pool of $14,360 inclusive of the bounty pot of $3,700. With everyone hoping to keep their head intact, intense action ran for eight hours until the bubble finally burst with Malaysia’s Woon Yoke Wei eliminating a player with his big slick. Several hands after, Japan’s Masaharu Oyama, who was quiet for most of the final table, picked up momentum and scalped Japan’s Iori Yogo in 5th place and Denmark’s Michael Kim Falcon in 4th place. At three-handed, the chip leader’s status moved around the felt until Frenchman Charly Mouline shipped in two massive pots, eliminating Wei in 3rd place.

Prior to the heads up round, Mouline and Oyama struck a deal based on the ICM with fifteen percent set aside per APT rules. When action resumed, it took no more than four hands to declare a winner with Oyama crippling Mouline holding ace-king and then finishing him off with a 10 8 flush against Mouline’s 2 5 straight on a board of 6 3 K 4 J.

Head Hunter payout
Entries: 37
Buy-in: $440
Prize Pool: $14,360 includes bounty pot ($3,700)
1st Masaharu Oyama – Japan – $3,690
2nd Charly Mouline – France – $3,240
3rd Woon Yoke Wei – Malaysia – $1,600
4th Michael Kim Falcon – Denmark – $1,170
5th Iori Yogo – Japan – $960