Michael Cua is the Champion of APT Philippines 2010!

Congratulations to Michael Cua for winning the APT Philippines 2010 main event!

The local player outlasted a field of 226 players from different countries around the world, including top pros such as Johnny Chan, J.C. Tran, Nam Le, and Bryan Huang, as well as defending champion Neil Arce, to win the coveted title. Cua, who won his seat to the main event through one of the RWM Satellite Series tournaments held in the weeks leading up to the main event, took home a big prize of US $172,200 and a seat to the APT Macau 2010 main event worth US $4,500.

It was an amazing run for Cua, who was one of the shortest stacks late in Day 3. With his chips hovering at less than 14,000, Cua was able to get a series of double-ups to keep himself in contention and eventually found himself as a short stack, yet again, at the final table.

Keeping a low profile but getting in some timely wins, Michael eventually landed in the final three, where he surprised everybody by tripling up and then eliminating Huang in third place a few hands later. He then made quick work of runner-up Mike Puno, wearing down the former chip leader’s stack with aggressive moves until the two finally got their stacks all-in.

On a board of 10-Clubs, 6-Spades, K-Clubs, and 4-Hearts, Puno checked over to Cua, who bet out 50,000. Puno then retaliated by going all-in with J-Clubs and 3-Clubs. Cua made the call, showing 10-Hearts and 9-Spades. With one card to go, Puno was looking for another club or a jack, but the river did not provide either as the 9-Diamonds came, sealing the win for Cua.

The next APT main event will be held in Asia’s gaming capital. APT Macau 2010 will be held from November 6 to 14 at City of Dreams, with buy-in set at HK $32,500 + HK $2,500.

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