Mateo bags Opening Event; Saito-Uesugi claim Battle of the Nations; Ouano wins Charity Event

More poker festivities were underway at the Asian Poker Tour Cebu 2016 with several events running simultaneously throughout the day, namely, the continuation of the Opening Event P1M Guarantee, the Battle of the Nations, the Ante Up for Charity in benefit of the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children, and two satellites to the Main Event.

Opening Event P1M Guaranteed

Opening Event Champion, Chris Mateo

The day began with 59 players returning to the felt for the final day of the Opening Event. With only 27 players seeing a payout, action was fierce and the bubble was quickly reached. The first to claim a payout was Korea’s Sim Jae Kyung aka Simba. Not long after, many others fell such as Filipino player Regie Ann Delos Reyes in 25th, Finland’s Pauli Erkki Falkenstadt in 24th, UK’s Samad Razavi in 22nd, Korea’s John “Hans” Kim in 20th, Andre Mailhot in 17th, and Singaporean Dhanesh Chainani in 11th. When Harold Ruaya (Filipino) fell in 10th place and USA’s Nick Blackburn in 9th place, the final table of 8 was set with the players moving to the RFID table. This was the first time the RFID table was getting mileage in Cebu.

The final 8 saw Filipino player Chris Mateo with a commanding lead. At one point, he crossed over 1.5M chips while the closest player barely had half a million. Mateo attempted to eliminate players quickly with his big stack but instead, he doubled up a couple of players, namely Singapore’s Tan Chong and Sheila Chung Hwee Hwee, both of whom ended up with him when it was three-handed. In brutal fashion, Mateo eliminated Chong in 3rd place when he called Chong’s massive shove of nearly thirty times the blinds. Mateo had 2 4 and Chong had K K. The board ran 9 Q A 5 6 giving Mateo a flush. At heads up against Hwee, it was over quick with Mateo’s pocket sixes dominating Hwee’s ace-three clubs. Mateo earned the first place cash prize of P343,300 and the first event trophy of APT Cebu 2016.

Payouts: Final 8 players
1st Chris Mateo – Philippines – P343,300
2nd Sheila Chung Hwee Hwee – Singapore – P197,800
3rd Tan Chong – Singapore – P134,600
4th Randy Honoridez – Philippines – P96,100
5th Sebastian Benz – Germany – P78,300
6th Mike De Leon – Philippines – P63,200
7th Chang Hun Lee – Korea – P50,800
8th Ernesto Ouano – Philippines – P41,200

Battle of the Nations

Battle of the Nations Champions, Jun Saito and Yoichi Uesugi

This is the first time the Battle of the Nations event has made landfall in Cebu and it turned up decent numbers with 12 teams signed up. With a prize pool of P186,200 collected, there were 5 payouts awarded, distributed accordingly, 1st-4th place and 20% of the pot going to the Last Team Standing. In the end, it was a heads up battle between a team from Japan and a team from Korea with Japan shipping it in.

1st Jun Saito & Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – P64,100
2nd Sim Jae Kyung & John Kim – Korea – P40,200
3rd Paul Bagwell & Kevin Steele – USA – P25,300
4th Kinura Lee & Iwasaki Teruo – Korea – P 19,400
Last Team Standing: Korea Team Kimura Lee & Iwasaki Teruo

Ante Up for Charity

Ante Up for Charity Champion, Menchu Ouano

The Ante Up for Charity Event, with proceeds going to the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children, saw 36 entries, generating a prize pool of P270,000. A total of  P90,000 was produced for the charity organization, which was rounded off to P100,000 by APT. The remaining cash paid out 5 places, with Menchu Ouano earning the first place prize of P72,000 and the event trophy.


1st Menchu Ouano – Philippines – P72,000
2nd Lim Yah Loon – Singapore – P45,000
3rd Aaron Jacobs – USA – P27,000
4th Samad Razavi – UK – P19,800
5th Yao Hui – China – P16,200

Main Event Super Satellite and Main Event Mega Satellite

With the Main Event coming up in a couple of days, the Main Event Super Satellite had 17 entries, 12 re-buys, and 9 add-ons. This created a prize pool of P95,000. Yohn Paredes from Peru was the last man standing and claimed himself a Main Event seat worth P55,000. The remaining cash of P40,000 went to runner-up Barry Lim from Singapore.

At the Main Event Mega Satellite, there were a total of 37 entries with three players winning a seat to the Main Event. The extra P20,000 went to fourth place finisher, Henry Acain from the Philippines.

Seat Winners:
Philip Rohm  – USA
Jensen Chow  – Philippines
Duc Phan – Vietnam

Congratulations to all the winners today! We’ll see you back at the APT Cebu 2016 tomorrow!