Main Event Final 8 to be determined today! Shalaumov Oleg wins the Deep Stack Turbo 1

It is going to be another exciting day at the APT Korea Incheon 2017 with the Main Event back on the tournament floor of Paradise City. With everyone now guaranteed some dough, it is full speed ahead. The goal for today’s Day 3 heat is to pile up those stacks and secure a seat to the Final 8.

The APT Main Event drew in a total of 185 entries and with each one ponying up the KRW 1,100,000 buy-in, the prize pool grew to KRW 179,450,000. The eventual champion is looking to collect a whopping KRW 44,860,000, but for today, we won’t be seeing that dished out just yet. Only 9th – 27th will visit the cage with payouts starting at KRW 1,970,000.

After big shifts went down all day yesterday, Day 3 opens up with new faces at the helm. The top five leaders are Albert Paik, Yuki Ko, Andy Li Xueyan, Jiwoon Kim, and Taehoon Han. These players dominated the felt at Day 2 and are in prime form to earn one of those coveted Final 8 berths.

Day 3 begins at 1pm. You can follow the action through our Live Updates. Chip counts and payouts will also be posted right there.

Friday, August 18th: Side Events

It’s Friday and what better place to have some fun than to join today’s side events. We have a couple lined up for you. The Monster Stack kicks off at 3pm. This is another one of our highly popular events with players getting in a lot of playing time with their huge starting stacks. Buy-in is KRW 660,000. Keep in mind, this is scheduled to run for two days.

Starting stack: 30,000
Opening blinds: 25-50
Blinds duration: increases every 30 minutes
Registration / Re-entry: closes at the start of round 7

And of course for those who can only get to the venue a bit later, we do have the Ante Only Turbo event at 6pm. This is a fun fast-paced game with no blinds, just antes. Buy-in is KRW 165,000.

Starting stack: 10,000
Opening ante: 25
Ante duration: increases every 20 minutes
Registration / Re-entry: closes at the start of round 7

For the full schedule and tournament structure, head to the APT Korea Incheon 2017 event page.

Shalaumov Oleg wins the Deep Stack Turbo 1

Deep Stack Turbo 1 Champion, Shalaumov Oleg

The Deep Stack Turbo 1 event ran alongside the Main Event last night and wrapped up well past the midnight hour. Shalaumov Oleg finally closed out the night, besting a field of 63 players to claim the KRW 2,520,000 first prize and the APT event trophy.

We jumped into the action only at the three-handed bout with Oleg, Ishizuaka Kiyotaka, and Tsurumi Atsushi on a merry go round with the chip lead. With the blinds climbing, everyone was falling dangerously low in chips that shoving was the only move left to make.

The shove fest results were to Oleg’s favor, eliminating Atsushi in 3rd place then finishing off Kiyotaka in runner up. The last hand was Kiyotaka with J 8 and Oleg with A 7. The board ran 3 9 6 4 5 for a victorious straight.

You can watch daily video highlights of the ongoing festival in our APT YouTube channel.