Main Event Day 2 at 1pm; Wild win for Fauchereau at the Deepstack Turbo

Welcome to another day of poker festivities at the Asian Poker Tour Macau 2016! Before getting underway with Day 2 of the Main Event at the Crystal Palace of the Casino Lisboa, players had one last chance to get in the action with courtesy late registration open for one hour, from 12pm-1pm. With 22 players taking advantage of the extension, there were a total of 108 players for the Main Event. Combined with the past two starting days, there are now 86 players entering today’s round with Hong Kong’s Kevin Tse Chi Ho as the overall chip leader with 179,900 in chips.

Day 2 will begin at level 7 which means they are now at the freezeout stage of the tournament. The total prize pool amounted to HKD 2,074,000 with first place earning the lion share of HKD 530,000 and the APT Championship Ring.

Among those joining the leader today are a high turnout of notable pros such as defending champion Henrik Tollefsen from Norway, APT Player of the Year 2016 race leader Iori Yogo from Japan, past APT champions Feng Zhao from Singapore and Filipino John Tech, Russia’s Vladimir Dobrovolskii who won the High Rollers event two days ago, Korea’s Lim Yo Hwan aka Boxer winner of the opening event, Bulgaria’s top ranked pro Dimitar Danchev, Korea’s Steve Yea who placed second at the APT Main Event back in 2008 and 2009, UK’s Daniel Tang, Day 1b chip leader Fei Hu Huang, USA’s Duy Ho who shipped in the No Limit Hold’em 1 event, and Malaysian pro Ying Lin Chua.

With this many decorated players at the tables, it will surely be an exciting day of heated battles and emotional rollercoasters. We will be posting live action of Day 2 which can be found in the Live Updates page.

Side Events today

Today will also see two side events on the floor, the No Limit Hold’em 2 at 3pm with an entry fee of HKD 4,400 and the Deep Stack Turbo event at 7pm with an entry fee of HKD 1,100.

Wild finish for Fauchereau at the Deep Stack Turbo event

Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Frederic Fauchereau

The Deep Stack Turbo was the second side event at yesterday’s festivities with 78 entries contributing to a total prize pool of HKD 75,700. Staying true to its title, action was fast with players dropping at every turn. When it reached the final ten players, Japan’s Iori Yogo picked up steam and eliminated a couple of players. After several more hit the rail, Hong Kong’s Vincent Li eliminated Goh Keat Guan in 4th place with A-A defeating Q-10 on a board that ran an exciting Q-4-10-A-7.

At three-handed, Li crippled down Yogo with K 2 spiking a higher pair against Yogo’s 4 4, and then Yogo eventually took 3rd place in a three-way all in. Li held 9 9, France’s Frederick Faucherau with A K, Yogo with J 6, and a boarding spreading out to K 2 10 3 Q.

Entering the heads up round, Faucherau held a 2:1 chip lead against Li. But this is where the game turned into somewhat of a ping pong match. Here’s how it went:

  • Li’s shove landed a double up with 8-7 straight over Fauchereau’s K-10 on a board of 3-9-A-5-6. Li stole the 2:1 chip advantage.
  • After winning a few more small pots, Li increased to slightly over 4:1 in chips.
  • Li shoved with 10-8 and Faucherau called with K-7. The board ran 10-7-2-5-7 giving Faucherau trips and a double up back to 2:1 with Li on the upper end.
  • Faucherea lost some chips on the subsequent hands but recouped it after winning another double up with 8 9 shove besting Li’s A 8 on a board of 6 5 Q 7 4 that gave him a straight.
  • Fauchereau rose to a 4:1 chip lead with his Q-10 two pair awarding him a double up against Li’s 9-7 pair on a board of 10-5-9-4-Q.
  • Li answered back with his J 3 shove spiking a lucky river double up against Fauchereau’s 6 6 set on a board of 8 10 6 Q 9.
  • With Li now back up with a slight lead, he was all in with A-10 and Fauchereau called with A-5. The board ran 5-8-4-6-4 giving Fauchereau two pair and again he reclaimed the chip lead.
  • The winning hand was finally dealt with Fauchereau calling Li’s all in with J 10 that stayed ahead of Li’s 10 7 on a board that ran dry.

It was a spikey rollercoaster win for the Frenchman but he did prevail and was awarded the first place cash purse of HKD 20,500 and the event trophy.