Main Event Day 1b underway at 1pm, get protected; Park and Kim win side events

Today is the last day to join the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2016 II Main Event with Day 1b firing up at 1pm in Resorts World Manila, Newport City, Philippines. The Main Event is scheduled to run for a total of five days, with two Day one flights, Day 2, Day 3, and the Final Day. Yesterday’s Day 1a recorded 40 entries with 21 players remaining at the end of eight rounds.

There are big prizes up for grabs at the Main Event. Players will be vying for the APT Main Event Championship title, the first place cash prize, and the APT Championship Ring. The APT Championship Ring was the APT’s newest token of achievement added in January 2016. This gorgeous band is of solid silver and crested with the APT logo.

Main Event players will be delighted to know that they will be privy to the deeper structure that was introduced back in April 2016. Players begin with a 50,000 starting stack, which is 250 times the opening big blind. Rounds increase every hour. Buy-in is US$2,200 with unlimited re-entries allowed before round 7.

A big reminder for everyone playing today, make sure to avail of the Main Event Bubble Protection. This is a very powerful perk to have on your side just in case you happen to bubble at the Main Event. There are three simple steps needed in order to qualify for Bubble Protection:

  1. Pre-register
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play on the first deal of round number 1

In regards to the mechanics, players who qualify for Bubble Protection will maintain that status on a same day re-entry. Players wanting Bubble Protection on a next day re-entry will have to repeat the steps to qualify.

We will have live updates for you on some of the action at Day 1b of the Main Event. Those will  be posted in the Live Reporting section of the website.

Korea’s Byung Il Park wins the Head Hunter event

Head Hunter Champion, Byung Il Park

Yesterday saw the completion of two more side events with the Head Hunter US$100/Bounty featured on the RFID table. This event began with 123 players for a total prize pool of US$35,420. Running for two days, the first day saw a large number of notable players exit before the money but the hardest to fall was Korean pro Soo Jo Kim who bubbled at the hands of Filipino player Jensen Chow.

After Kim’s fall, short stacks quickly departed, satisfied with earning a small profit. Among them were Korea’s Jae Chul Chang, Filipino Mike Takayama, Jessie Leonarez, and UK’s Samad Razavi. Norway’s Kai Paulsen also got the boot with his pocket kings getting smacked by king-queen after two ladies showed up on the board. The final eight players was set when Korea’s Byung Il Park eliminated Japan’s Takeshige Michihiro with his J J surviving a coin flip against A Q.

After an overnight break, the final eight players returned the next day with Hong Kong’s Kwan Kit Kwok holding the largest stack. He continued to amass more chips after eliminating Filipino player Rogelio Paca in 8th place. Next to fall was Korea’s Hyungwoon Cho in 7th place followed by Jensen Chow in 6th place. Japan’s Tetsuya Tsuchikawa looked like he was about to fall next, getting badly crippled in back-to-back hands. Tsuchikawa turned it around with a double up through Korea’s Yoon Hyun Joon and then a triple up with pocket sevens landing a set. Korea’s Jeon Gyeong Seok wasn’t as fortunate and bowed out in 5th place. Falling in 4th place was Joon, then Tsuchikawa in 3rd place after losing two hands to Park. The final hand had Kwok all in with K 6 against Park’s K 10. The board ran 10 9 7 4 3 giving Park a pair, the first place cash of US$9,040, and the event trophy.

Head Hunter Final 8 Payouts
1st Byung Il Park – Korea – US$9,040
2nd Kwan Kit Kwok – Hong Kong – US$5,300
3rd Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – US$3,670
4th Yoon Hyun Joon – Korea – US$2,670
5th Jeon Gyeong Seok – Korea – US$2,210
6th Jensen Rex Chow – Philippines – US$1,820
7th Hyungwoon Cho – Korea – US$1,510
8th Rogelio Paca – Philippines – US$1,260

Korea’s John Kim wins his fourth OFC Pineapple Shootout title

John Kim receives his fourth OFC trophy

Korea’s John Kim earned himself another astounding achievement after overcoming a field of 16 players to seize his fourth Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout title. The final three action saw Filipino player Noel Araniel finish up in 3rd place leaving Korea’s In Chul Sin up against the highly skillful and confident Kim. Despite Sin’s attempts, he couldn’t break past the mighty Kim and had to settle for the runner-up spot. Kim happily captured the first place purse of US$2,300 but was beyond ecstatic for his big victory.

Two side events today

Running alongside Day 1b of the Main Event are two side events, the No Limit Hold’em 1 Day event at 1pm and the Queen Cards Ante Only Turbo at 6pm.