Main Event begins at 1pm today, get insured with Bubble Protection

The Asian Poker Tour Cambodia 2016 gets underway at the Land of Smiles with unlimited re-entries until the end of round six. Game time begins promptly at 1pm at the Queenco Hotel and Casino in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

At the start of the year, the APT introduced a couple of new incentives to the Main Event. For starters, the Main Event winner will receive an additional prize, the solid silver-banded APT Championship Ring. An APT Main Event championship trophy may be worthy of one’s poker altar but the ring is truly one to carry around to boast of the achievement. Since January 2016, the APT has already awarded five of these gorgeous rings and the sixth one is now up for grabs.

Another perk added to the Main Event is the Main Event Bubble Protection. This incentive is definitely something to take advantage of as it acts as an ace-in-the-hole just in case you find yourself down and out in the bubble. How this works is, if you avail of the Main Event Bubble Protection and then happen to finish as the unfortunate bubble player, then you are entitled to one FREE ENTRY SEAT to the next APT Main Event of the same value. To qualify for the Bubble Protection, all you need to do is complete these three simple requirements:

  1. Pre-register to the Main Event
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play on the first deal of round number 1

For same day re-entry players, if you have already met the qualifications for Bubble Protection, you will maintain that status only on that same day re-entry. For re-entry players wanting Bubble Protection on a next day re-entry, you will have to repeat the steps above.

In addition, Main Event players who survive day 1a will be allowed to participate in day 1b, and if it so happens that a player qualifies into day 2 with multiple stacks, then he/she must play the largest stack. The smaller stack will be taken out of play.

Today’s Side Events

There will be one side event running alongside the Main Event. The Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout (24 max) with a buy-in of $220 hits the felt at 2pm. This is the last OFC Pineapple event of the festival. Additionally, for those looking to get into the Main Event at a lower cost, the Last Chance Main Event Mega Satellite may just be your ticket. Action kicks off at 6pm with a buy-in fee of $120. One seat will be awarded for every ten players.

Venue Information

The APT Cambodia 2016 takes place at the Queenco Hotel & Casino from June 15th-23rd, and unlike its previous years, the hotel is now fully renovated with a brand new fully-stocked fitness gym and spa. There is also a swimming pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand on Victory Beach. APT guests can avail of discounted rooms including free round-trip transportation from Phnom Penh International Airport to the hotel. For all the information you’ll need, head to the APT website.