Local player Jeremy Catalig wins the WLS; Monster Stack and MSW Deep Stack Turbo happening today

The APT Philippines 2017 is winding down to its final three days with more games to play and more trophies awaiting its rightful owners. The past six days has seen ten of these symbolic APT glass awards claimed with the latest one going to Filipino Jeremy Catalig for his victory at the WeLoveSport.com Deep Stack Turbo event.

WLS Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Jeremy Catalig

The WLS event had 32 warm-bodied seats all revved up for the evening’s turbo action. One by one players rose and fell in rapid succession and soon the final heads up round was reached between Catalig and Koji Takagi. While Takagi had the early chip advantage, the blinds gained on them keeping both players perpetually in the short stack zone. When Catalig overtook Takagi, he eventually sealed the win with his 10 6 defeating A 7 on a board of 5 6 4 4 J. Catalig won the PHP 86,900 first place prize and the event trophy.

1st Jeremy Catalig – Philippines – PHP 86,900
2nd Koji Takagi – Japan – PHP 54,300
3rd Roland Loos – Germany – PHP 32,600
4th Stephen Nathan – UK – PHP 23,900
5th Peter Zeitz – Sweden – PHP 19,600

Side Events Today

We have a couple of side events for you to tackle today, the Monster Stack and the MSW Deep Stack Turbo. Both events will be running simultaneous to the Main Event.

Monster Stack
Buy-in: PHP 38,500
Starting time: 2pm
*This is scheduled to run for two days

Starting stack: 30,000
Opening blinds: 25-50
Blinds duration: increases every 30 minutes
*Day 1 ends after round 17

MSW Deep Stack Turbo
Buy-in: PHP 7,700
Starting time: 6pm

Starting stack: 10,000
Opening blinds: 25-25
Blinds duration: increases every 20 minutes

For the full schedule and tournament structure, head to the APT Philippines 2017 event page.