Lee Kyung Min bags the most at Championships Day 1B; Yang Peng wins event trophy

Earlier today, the APT Championships Event was the main attraction at the APT Finale Macau Championships 2017 with players heating up center stage of the Macau Billionaire Poker in Babylon Casino. After the scheduled eight rounds, Korea’s Lee Kyung Min ended the day with the largest stack of 194,300 in chips.

Championships Event Day 1B Chip Leader, Lee Kyung Min

With Day 1B of the Champions Event as the last starting day, it was do or die. While we didn’t catch Lee Kyung Min’s hands that helped beef up his stack, we did catch the hand that sent Terry Tang Tian Yuan into second position. He was all in on a king-high board and was called by a player with queens. Tang had A-K that held. He bagged up 156,600 in chips. The same thing went down for APT Game of Champions victor Kai Paulsen whose A-K landed top two pair against a player with pocket jacks. Paulsen ended with 132,100 in chips.

Among those that also made the cut were Yohwan Lim, Kosei Ichinose, Michael Soyza, Victor Chong, and APT Player of the Year frontrunner Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. Of course several APT Main Event champions were in that list as well: Soo Jo Kim, Guo Dong, Albert Paik, and the newest addition, India’s Varun Gupta.

All of today’s survivors will merge with those from the Day 1A for the next round which takes place on Friday, December 8 starting at 1pm.

Yang Peng wins the No Limit Hold’em 2

No Limit Hold’em 2 Champion, Yang Peng

China’s Yang Peng came out on top of the No Limit Hold’em 2 event topping the 55-entry field. At the heads up round against Japan’s Naohito Tamaya, Peng was behind in the count but after a few rounds, he doubled up with A 9 on a board of 9 4 9 8 6 then closed it out soon after. The winning hand saw a board run 3 Q 2 K Q with Peng holding K Q full house defeating Tamaya’s A 7. Peng earned HKD 44,300 and the event trophy.