Last flight of the Main Event today; Sayo and Sasaki win trophies

Today marks the last day to get into the Main Event with Day 1B of the Asian Poker Tour Philippines III 2016 kicking off at 1pm in Resorts World Manila. The highlight event has a buy-in of USD 1,650 with unlimited re-entries and late registration open until the start of round 7.

Several things to know about the Main Event, this is the only event where you can win the coveted APT Championship Ring. The ring is awarded exclusively to the APT Main Event champions starting January 2016. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a gorgeous solid silver band with the APT crest.

Other things to know, back in April, a change was made to the Main Event structure, the starting blinds and the starting stack were raised. Here are the details:

  • Starting stack 50,000 in chips
  • Starting blinds 100-200
  • One hour blind duration
  • Late registration and re-entries allowed before the start of round 7
  • Day one ends after 8 levels

APT Main Event Bubble Protection

One incentive players will want to avail of is the APT Main Event Bubble Protection. This is a very helpful perk to have during that crucial bubble round. How this works is, the player who finishes in the bubble of the Main Event will receive a consolation prize of one free seat to the next APT Main Event of the same value only if that player is insured with bubble protection. Several players have already been awarded this prize at the previous APT events, and from the feedback, it has helped ease the frustration of falling as the bubble. Here are the steps on how to qualify for bubble protection:

  1. Pre-register
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play on the first deal of round number 1

In regards to the mechanics, players who qualify for Bubble Protection will maintain that status on a same day re-entry. Players wanting Bubble Protection on a next day re-entry will have to repeat the steps to qualify.

*You can follow the action of Day 1b via the live updates.

Incredible comeback by Sayo at the Head Hunter event

The Head Hunter 100/Bounty event resumed today with the Final 8 players of the 153 entry field slugging it out for the title. Despite coming in as the runt of the pack, Filipino player JC Sayo stunned the table by going from the danger zone to the throne.

Head Hunter Champion, JC Sayo

The day started with Sayo missing from the lineup. By the time he arrived, he was down to four big blinds and Japan’s Shinichiro Tone had taken control of the lead. Still a full table, Sayo moved all in on his second hand with A A and was called by Vietnam’s Truong Manh Hung with A 4. This hand would be the catalyst for Sayo’s rise to the top.

Sayo’s second stack boost was with J J over Tone’s pocket nines. With Sayo now cradling a decent stack, Filipino pro Mike Takayama found himself at the bottom and was soon eliminated by Filipino Martin Corpuz in 8th place with quads over a full house. Tone’s moment in the leader’s seat was brief as he was next to fall, eliminated by Japan’s Yoichi Fujiya in 7th place with a set over a missed flush draw. Despite entering the day as the leader, Hung took 6th place followed by Filipino Jose Drilon in 5th place. Sayo railed Corpuz in 4th place with pocket tens maintaining the lead against pocket nines.

At three-handed, Sayo was running second in chips to Fujiya then jumped into  the driver’s seat holding A-8 top pair against Abdulla. Not long after, Fujiya reclaimed the position on a great call with his 10 10 even if there were two overcards on the board. Sayo eliminated Abdulla in 3rd place to face Fujiya at the heads up round. Although Sayo was ahead in chips, Fujiya wasn’t far behind.

After a series of small exchanges, Sayo put a big gap between him and Fujiya when he crossed the million mark with his 10-7 straight. This gave him a very comfortable 6:1 chip advantage. From there, it didn’t take long for it to be over. The last hand saw Fujiya all in with 9 8 and Sayo with A 5. The board drew blanks and Sayo won the tournament. He shipped in the USD 11,260 first place cash prize and his first-ever APT trophy. This incredible comeback is truly one for the books.

You can relive the Final 8 of the Head Hunter event in the APT channel.

Final 8 Payouts

1st JC Sayo – Philippines – USD 11,260
2nd Yoichi Fujiya – Japan – USD 6,590
3rd Ceesvin Abdulla – Singapore – USD4,560
4th Martin Corpuz – Philippines – USD 3,330
5th Jose Drilon – Philippines – USD 2,750
6th Truong Manh Hung – Vietnam – USD 2,270
7th Shinichiro Tone – Japan – USD 1,870
8th Mike Takayama – Philippines – USD 1,560

OFC Pineapple Shootout 36 Max

OFC Pineapple Shootout Champion, Kazuki Sasaki

The OFC Pineapple Shootout 36 Max attracted a field of 24 players to bring the prize pool to USD 6,980. The game lasted past the midnight hour until Japan’s Kazuki Sasaki claimed all the chips by defeating fellow countryman Jun Funabashi. Sasaki was awarded the first place purse of USD 2,430 and the event trophy.

1st Kazuki Sasaki – Japan – USD 2,430
2nd Jun Funabashi – Japan – USD 1,610
3rd Jeon Seung Soo – Korea – USD 1,050
4th In Chul Sin – Korea – USD 630
5th Lim Yah Loon – Singapore – USD 630
6th Samad Razavi – UK – USD 630