Last day of the festival with 2 side events on deck; Lee, Ogawa, and Goldman bag tropies

We have reached the last day of the Asian Poker Tour Experience 2016 at the APT Poker Room located in Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino but before we close it up, we still have two more events for you to enjoy, the 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes and the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo.

Starting at 1pm, the 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes owns the floor with an P11,000 entry fee. At 4pm, the last event of the festival gets underway, the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo with a buy-in of P5,500.

Yesterday saw some crowning glories color up the room; the Main Event was captured by a newcomer, Korea’s Gyeong Byeong Lee, claiming the first place purse of P1,574,000. There were also other winners, three players taking home side event trophies.

Monster Stack Champion, Lee Jong Yeol

The first side event to conclude was the two-day Monster Stack event. Korea’s Lee Jong Yeol overcame a field of 49 entries and defeated fellow countryman SJ Kim at the heads up stage to earn the largest piece of the P1,188,200 prize pool, a whopping  P475,000 first place cash prize.

Ante Only Champion, Koichiro Ogawa

The Ante Only event saw 24 players in attendance for a prize pool of P349,200. At the heads up round, it was down to two Japanese players, Koichiro Ogawa and Naruyasu Ota. They struck a deal and after Ota’s massive stack swung to Ogawa’s side, Ogawa was able to close it out, winning with his ace-ten offsuit that landed a pair of tens on the board against Ota’s ace-queen offsuit.

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Vilma Goldman

The Super Deep Stack event had a decent turnout of 43 entries, each one contributing P11,000 to the P417,000 prize pool. With everyone in the money at five-handed, Filipino player Vilma Goldman eliminated USA’s Greenberg Ofer with her pocket jacks. Korea’s Choul Seung Byun fell shortly after in 4th place, and then busting out next was Guam’s Edson Chi Wing Lai whose A A was cracked by Hajime Mogi’s K 5 when both of his cards showed up on the board for a winning two pair. The heads up stage saw Goldman dominated in chips, but Goldman quickly doubled up with her A 8 against Mogi’s K 9. She continued to battle her way up, and when they had about even stacks, Goldman’s A 10 doubled up huge against Mogi’s A 3. She climbed to 830k while Mogi fell to 30k. Impressively, Mogi doubled up multiple times, one with a flush, another was an ace high, then A K against Goldman’s Q Q. However, all that would not grant him the trophy as he went all in with Q 9 and Goldman called with her A 6 on a board that ran A A 5 Q 3. Goldman claimed her first APT trophy and the first place cash prize of P166,800.

The High Rollers event ended the day with 2 players remaining, Denmark’s Michael Kim Falcon and Japan’s Iori Yogo. With a prize pool of P1,261,000 and 13 entries ponying up the P108,000 entry fee, Singapore’s Ho Bao Qiang claimed the third place prize of P251,000. Falcon will be returning today with the larger stack of 383,500 chips over Yogo’s 136,500 chips. The event resumes at 1pm.