Last 7 winners include Yogo for the High Rollers and Edoc with his third title

The Asian Poker Tour awarded its final side event winners of the APT Kickoff 2017. Among them was 2016 APT POY champion Iori Yogo and local pro Lester Edoc capturing his third title. This marks the end of APT’s nine-day season opener held at Resorts World Manila. Here’s a look at all the winners.

Japanese pro Iori Yogo wins the High Rollers

High Rollers Champion, Iori Yogo

The High Rollers event saw 22 big guns take to the felt each one ponying up the US$2,150 for a prize pool of US$42,680.  Among the players were GAKT, Michael Kim Falcon, Mike Takayama, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Lester Edoc, and the APT’s newest Main Event champion, Takumi Samejima. However, they all would fail to reach the money round.

After the very short stacked Kevin Steele bubbled at the hands of APT POY 2016 champion Iori Yogo, the Japanese pro pretty much steam rolled the rest of the players. He eliminated Yoichi Uesugi, then cracked Jeonghan Titus Lee’s pocket aces with A 9 nut flush to deny him a double up.

Entering the heads up round, Yogo was ahead of Kiyoshi Yokoyama in chips. He remained patient throughout, earning numerous small pots to consistently shave down his opponent. The final hand saw Yogo with 9 6 and Yokoyama with 5 5. The board ran Q 2 9 4 10 for a higher pair to ship in the rest of Yokoyama’s chips.

1st Iori Yogo – Japan – US$18,350
2nd Kiyoshi Yokoyama – Japan – US$11,520
3rd Jeonghan “Titus” Lee – Korea – US$7,260
4th Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – US$5,550

Lester Edoc captures his third trophy

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Lester Edoc

Filipino pro Lester Edoc was simply unbeatable. He took down the last side event of the series, the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo, besting the 55 player field to capture his third side event title.

1st Lester Edoc – Philippines – US$1,470
2nd Lee Seong Ryun – Korea – US$910
3rd Elmo Celi – Philippines – US$670
4th Onofre de Guzman – Philippines – US$520
5th Gerard Bringley – Japan – US$450
6th Theodore Timmermans – Canada – US$390
7th Ron Tse Tate – USA – US$340
8th Liu Keng Wei – China – US$300
9th Kevin Steele – USA – US$280

Japan’s Ranmi Chung wins the Monster Stack

Monster Stack Champion, Ranmi Chung

Ranmi Chung, the only female contender at the final table of the Monster Stack event, showed the men it was her trophy to take home. Up against some heavy hitters, which included past APT Main Event champions In Chul Sin and Joven Huerto, she climbed up the ranks and eliminated Singapore’s Dhanesh Chainani at the heads up round. There were 69 entries for this event for a prize pool of US$33,460. Chung was awarded the largest piece of the pie, amounting to US$9,270.

1st Ranmi Chung – Japan – US$9,270
2nd Dhanesh Chainani – Singapore – US$5,720
3rd Yoichi Fujiya – Japan – US$4,180
4th Joven Huerto – Philippines – US$3,250
5th Hajime Iwakura – Japan – US$2,810
6th In Chul Sin – Korea – US$2,440
7th Shinichiro Sato – Japan – US$2,140
8th Trifie Montebon – Philippines – US$1,910
9th Lee Boon Han – Malaysia – US$1,740

Anthony Gabitan returns to win the NLH 2

No Limit Hold’em 2 Champion, Anthony Gabitan

Two nights ago, local player Anthony Gabitan ended his APT Main Event run in 9th place, just missing the Final 8 by one spot. He returned yesterday and dusted a field of 25 players at the No Limit Hold’em 2 event. He prevailed over poker pro John Tech at the heads up round to capture his first trophy of the festival, the US$3,540 first prize, and his third ITM.

1st Anthony Gabitan – Philippines – US$3,540 (deal made)
2nd John Tech – Philippines – US$2,700 (deal made)
3rd Hubert Spiess – France – US$2,200 (deal made)
4th Lee Seong Ryun – Korea – US$1,260

Delfin Ty rules the locals at the Super Deep Stack Turbo

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Delfin Ty

The Super Deep Stack Turbo event drew in 61 entries for a prize pool of US$11,830. The top five places were claimed by players from the Philippines with Delfin Ty taking it to the finish line. After Ty eliminated Elmo Celi in 3rd place, he entered the heads up round against Jonald Garcia ahead in chips. It only took two hands for Ty to finish off Garcia with K K over K 10. You can watch the Final 8 match in the APT Twitch channel.

1st Delfin Ty – Philippines – US$3,280
2nd Jonald Garcia – Philippines – US$2,020
3rd Elmo Celi – Philippines – US$1,480
4th Trifie Montebon – Philippines – US$1,150
5th Franklin Nuguid – Philippines – US$990
6th Hajime Iwakura – Japan – US$860
7th Hung Sheng Lin – Chinese Taipei – US$760
8th Kristian Faering – Denmark – US$670
9th Antonio Mata – Philippines – US$620

Neil Lawrence bags a trophy at the 6 Handed event

6 Handed Champion, Neil Lawrence

On the final day of the festival, the only shorthanded event offered, the 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes, saw Malaysia’s Neil Lawrence overcome a field of 42 players to bag the event trophy and the US$3,260 first place cash. Lawrence defeated local player Yul Maravilla at the heads up round, making this his fourth cash of the festival. The total prize pool of the event amounted to US$8,150.

1st Neil Lawrence – Malaysia – US$3,260
2nd Yul Maravilla – Philippines – US$2,040
3rd Anthony Gabitan – Philippines – US$1,220
4th Yoichi Fujiya – Japan – US$900
5th Dhanesh Chainani– US$730

Seung Soo Jeon wins the OFC Pineapple event

OFC Pineapple Champion, Seung Soo Jeon

The second Open Face Chinese Pineapple event of the series saw Korea’s Seung Soo Jeon slide in for the win. Jeon is a regular at OFC Pineapple events but the trophy has eluded him. Prior to tonight’s victory, his deepest run was a 3rd place finish last year. There were 9 players in attendance for a prize pool of US$2,620. Jeon claimed the largest piece of US$1,310.

1st Jeon Seung Soo – Korea – US$1,310
2nd Wang Ping Yuan – China – US$790
3rd Kristian Faering – Denmark – US$520

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