Kristian Faering Leads Cebu Cup at APT Asian Series Cebu

APT Asian Series Cebu 2012 had a massive 208 entries at All In Poker Club, Cebu, Philippines for Day 1B of the PHP 5,500 buy-in Cebu Cup. This combined with Day 1A’s 147 to give 355 entries, generating a total prize pool of PHP 1,721,700, which smashed the PHP 1 million guarantee. First place in the tournament will receive PHP 538,900 and the player currently closest to it is Denmark’s Kristian Faering, who finished today as chip leader on an 88,500 stack.

Faering is followed by Day 1A’s chip leader William Nuneza (82,300), Singapore’s Shazly (73,100), Michael Hyun Wok Cho (73,000) and Hung Doo Sok (57,100).

Day 1B Chip Leader: Kristian Faering

Faering amassed his stack with Pocket Tens on the big blind in a hand with the button player. Faering three-bet preflop and the two players went to a jack-high flop. His opponent had flopped top pair with K-J and called Faering’s continuation bet. However, a ten appeared on the turn to give Faering trips and he laid the trap with a check. A bet, re-raise and all-in followed and a blank on the river sent Faering’s stack up to the 100,000-mark. Check out his interview

Many of the day’s notable players joined the casualty list including Lester Edoc, Victor Chong, Sparrow Cheung, Hirotoshi Nakabo, Richard Marquez, Jessie Leonarez, Euryd Rivera, Kim Michael Enriquez, Richard Mari, Sim Jae Kyung (better known as “Simba”) and Mark Segal.

All up, 92 players remain in the Cebu Cup and will be battling out tomorrow from 1pm local time. Running alongside the event will be the APT Asian Series Cebu PHP 108,000 High Rollers event, starting at 3pm local time. Check out the complete Event Schedule.