Korea’s Jeon Seung Soo dominates Day 1B

The Asian Poker Tour finished up the final entry flight of the APT Main Event at the APT Poker Room in Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino with two-time champion Korea’s Jeon Seung Soo dominating the field to bag up the largest stack of the bunch.

Main Event Day 1B Chip Leader, Jeon Seung Soo

Day 1B brought several past APT Main Event champions to the table. In addition to Jeon, Korea’s In Chul Sin, and Japan’s Iori Yogo and Hisashi Ogi were also present however Sin would fall late in the game. Yogo and Ogi won their fair share of pots but minimal compared to Jeon’s domination at the felt.

Jeon first big takedown was with his 10 10 set that burned a player’s pocket kings. He followed it up with two more pots, one against Filipino JC Sayo, and the other against Chul Ho Bae with his set of fours. He crossed over the century mark when Bae paid him big with his top pair holding K Q on a board of Q 3 J 8 7. Jeon finished the day with 117,800 in chips.

Taking the second spot in Day 1B was the lone Irishman in the field, Gary Thompson. Throughout the day, Thompson held an above average stack consistently winning pots at every orbit. His rise to become one of the chip leaders came during the last two levels of the day. He eliminated USA’s Scott Weismann with a flush holding 8 7 on a board that fell 9 5 10 K 7 with all the chips in at the flop. Weismann held pocket jacks. Thompson closed out the day with two more big pots, to seal a stack of 100,425.

There were a total of 16 players who survived today’s heat and they will be joining the 15 qualifiers from yesterday’s Day 1A for another battle to the reach the title. Day 2 begins at 1pm on Sunday, October 9, 2016.

Main Event Hand Highlights

There was lots of action at the tables throughout Day 1B. Below are compiled random highlights of what transpired at the felt.

Level 8 Blinds 250-500 Ante 50

  • Before the close of day, Gary Thompson won a big chunk of JC Sayo’s stack then picked up another to bag over 100k in chips.
  • Vietnam’s Nguyen Hoang Huy was in a hand against Jeon Seung Soo and JC Sayo with a board showing 6 4 10. Jeon bet 2800 onto the raised pot preflop and was called by both Nguyen and Sayo. On the turn of K, action was checked to Sayo who bet 4500. Nguyen called while Jeon begged off. On the river of J, both players checked and Nguyen won with his 6 2 flush.

  • With 12k in the pot and a completed board of 5 K 9 2 3, Mitsuru Sano bet 3500 to Zackary Lazarus. Lazarus made it 15k sending the action back to Sano who tanked for quite some time. Sano eventually called and Lazarus had to reveal his J 10 bluff. Sano won with his Q Q

Level 7 Blinds 200-400 Ante 50

  • Gary Thompson eliminated Scott Weismann with all the chips in at the flop of 9 5 10. Thompson had 8 7 for a big draw and Weismann had J J. The turn of K was one of the outs Thompson needed to improve, then with the river of 7, his flush held up.

  • JC Sayo scooped up a big double up and more in a hand that sent Chul Ho Bae packing. It began with a raise by Jeon Seung Soo to 900, Sayo called, then Bae went all in for 4225. Jeon four-bet to 11.5k then Sayo jammed his entire stack in the middle for another 30,550 more back to Jeon. After struggling on a decision, Jeon called. Sayo had A Q, Jeon had K K, and Bae with K 2. The board ran A 8 3 Q 2 and Sayo won with his two pair.
  • Jeon Seung Soo crippled down Chul Ho Bae in a hand that saw a flop land Q 3 J. Bae checked to Jeon who bet 2100 onto a raised pot preflop. Bae called. At the turn of 8, Bae check-called Jeon’s 3500 bet. Then on the river of 7, Bae check-called again for a total of 7k. Jeon opened up K Q and Bae mucked. Bae went down to 4.3k in chips.
  • Zackary Lazarus picked up a pile of chips with his 4 4 set on a board of 4 2 8 K J against Nguyen Hoang Huy. He climbed to double the starting stack of around 50k.

Level 6 Blinds 150-300 Ante 25

  • Graeme Siow moved all in on a flop of 10 Q 6 and was called by Nguyen Hoang Huy. Siow had J 9 and Nguyen with Q Q. The turn was 7 but with the river of 8, Siow felted the straight and doubled up.
  • Jeon Seung Soo claimed a big pot against In Chul Sin. It began with Sin raising to 725 preflop, Jeon three-betting to 2300, and Sin called. The flop ran 8 Q 7, Jeon continued and bet 3500, Sin called. The turn of 4 saw the same action with Jeon betting 7k and Sin calling. The river of 5 gave Jeon more chips with a 12k bet that Sin called. Jeon had 7 7 set.

  • Zackary Lazarus limped in then called the 800 raise by Graeme Siow. The flop came 3 7 2, Lazarus checked, Siow bet 1600, Lazarus check-raised all in, and Siow quickly folded. Lazarus showed his 5 5 pocket pair.
  • With a raised pot brewed preflop, the flop ran 3 7 A. Gary Thompson checked, Scott Weismann who bet 4k, Mitsuru Sano flat-called, and back to Thompson who folded. On the turn of 7 it was checked by both but on the river of J, Weismann led for 6k, Sano made it 16k, and Weismann called. Sano showed A 7 full house and shipped in the pot. He climbed to around 80k.
  • Hisashi Ogi doubled up through chip leader Jeon Seung Soo. Ogi moved all in on a completed board of J J 10 7 3 and Jeon obliged with a call. Ogi opened up 3 3 for a full house.

Level 5 Blinds 100-200 Ante 25

  • Jeon Seung Soo neared the 100k mark after shipping in sizable pots. The first one saw a raise preflop and was up against JC Sayo. On the flop of 9 4 8, Sayo bet 3600 only to be answered with a 40k jam. Sayo folded. The next pot began with Jeon raising to 525, called by Sayo, raised by Chun-Kang Liu to 1750, then called by Chul Ho Bae, In Sin, Jeon, and Sayo. The board ran 10 4 3. Action was checked to the button player Bae who sent out 8k. Jeon responded with a raise to 40k, nearly covering Bae’s remaining stack. Bae folded. Jeon showed his 4 4 set.
  • Takahiro Okada raised to 575, Gary Thompson three-bet to 1650, Tuan Phong Do called on the big blind, and initial raiser Okada folded. On the flop of 5 10 7, Thompson bet 1800 and Do check-called. On the turn of 4, both checked, then on the river of 8, Thompson bet 3600 and won it with a fold from Do.
  • Back from a break, Jeon Seung Soo continues to chip up. On a raised pot preflop and a flop of 8 10 10, Hisahi Ogi bet 2k, Jeon raised to 10k, Ogi called. On the turn of 9, Ogi checked, Jeon bet 30k, and Ogi folded.

Level 4 Blinds 100-200

  • With a big pot already in the middle, three players stared down a flop of 10 3 J and one player led out with a big bet. Next up was Jeon Seung Soo who shoved giving the next player, JC Sayo, something to think about. Sayo reluctantly folded and showed his Q Q overpair. This sent a stir as action wasn’t complete with the initial bettor yet to decide. The player decided to join Jeon even if he was covered in chips. Jeon held 10 10 set and his opponent had K K overpair. The turn came 8 and river of 9 giving Jeon the win. Sayo would have won the hand had he joined in but instead was served a one round penalty for showing his hand.
  • The Ladies of Poker champion, Yukiko Sumida is back at the felt after falling in Day 1A. We saw her double up with A A to bring her up to 40k in chips.