Japan’s Jerry Bringley seized control of Main Event Day 2

It was an action packed thrilling day at the Asian Poker Tour Poker Weekend Series Manila 2016 with 77 players returning to the felt for Day 2 of the Main Event at the APT Poker Room in the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino. Regulation play was capped when the final 16 players was reached. Sitting on the leader’s throne with the largest stack at bagging time was the first-ever weekend series champion Japan’s Jerry Bringley with 563,000 chips.

Main Event Final Day Chip Leader, Gerard Bringley

Day 2 kicked off with many short-stacked players looking for an early double up. At every turn there was either a bust out or a stack boost happening. At Bringley’s table, action was no different with Bringley shipping in an early pot with his full house against Malaysia’s Jin Yong, the day’s entering chip leader. Bringley followed it up with the elimination of Japan’s Ito Yoshida whose all in ran into his pocket aces. One of the biggest dropouts came when Korea’s Lim Yo Hwan aka Boxer faced off against Bringley who again had pocket aces and Boxer with the second nuts pocket kings. This particular hand was the turning point for Bringley as he situated himself in the leader’s throne and never let it be usurped.

The day went on much the same way with Bringley adding more firepower to his massive arsenal, eliminating Elan Zak then picking up another big pot with his third pocket aces that exposed Korea’s Gyeong Byeong Lee’s bluff. Bringley ended the day eliminating Filipino Franklin Nuguid in 17th place.

Unlike the leader, Korea’s John Kim ascended to the second spot of the chip rung in a different fashion. During the late stages of the day he eliminated Filipino Terry Gonzaga as the bubble boy in 28th place with his 10 10 connecting with a flush of hearts on the river. He began to dominate, scalping two players simultaneously, Rey Camanyag and Fam Kai Fong, then took all of Satoshi Okuda’s chips to finish the day with 559,000 chips, very close to the leader.

The third player down the ladder was Malaysia’s Ming Ken Thoo with 449,000 chips. He may be far from the top two leaders but his rise was filled with many dramatic hands. He earned a big double up at the start of the day against Filipino Kim Enriquez (Day 1a chip leader) then got a lucky set of kings to crack Hideaki Mori’s pocket aces. Just before the money round, he eliminated Filipino Lester Edoc with a crushing full house.

In addition to Bringley, there were two other past APT Main Event champions who survived Day 2 with healthy stacks, Japan’s Hisashi Ogi and Canada’s Linh Tran.

While many players got the boot today, there were those who left collecting a profit. Filipino Florencio Campomanes was the first to leave in 27th place, Yong settled for 22nd place, Gyeong Byeong Lee in 21st place, and Enriquez fell in 18th place.

We will return for the final day of the Main Event at 130pm tomorrow, Monday, August 15, 2016. For a read on the exciting Day 2 action along with the chip counts and the payouts, head to the Live Reporting section of the website. We will also be posting live updates of the final day action.