Japan’s Hisashi Ogi comes from behind to capture his first Main Event title

After four days of Main Event action at the Asian Poker Tour Cambodia 2016, a new champion was crowned with Japan’s Hisashi Ogi outlasting a field of 48 total entries at the Queenco Hotel & Casino in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Ogi claimed $16,530 in cash, the APT Championship Trophy, and the APT Championship Ring.

APT Cambodia Main Event Champion, Hisashi Ogi

Early Bust Outs

Earlier today saw the final eight players of the Main Event return to the poker battlefield with Frenchman Stephane Carrier at the helm with the largest stack. It would be a while before Carrier would get his engine going while UK’s Samad Razavi was charged up in high gear. Within minutes, Razavi quickly chipped up eliminating Australia’s Daniel Tan who was all in with 7 7 called by Razavi with A J. The board paired up both of Razavi’s cards. Razavi continued to rule the felt calling Singapore’s Eugene Lin Weiquan’s shove and getting a lucky pair of jacks on the board with his A J against Weiquan’s A K.

Bubble bursts

With the table loosened up for some elbow room, the momentum shifted with Razavi losing chips to both Carrier and Vietnam’s Le Ngoc Khanh. Khanh used his chips to send Japan’s Takashi Hirukawa out in 6th place as the bubble. Hirukawa was one of the players who availed of the Main Event Bubble Protection so he didn’t leave completely empty-handed. The first player to get a payout was Cambodia’s Kim Lay Ly who was railed in 5th place by Carrier when his gamble for a flush holding 6 8 on a board of 7 A K, failed him with the turn of 8 and river of 9. Carrier had A 7 two pair. With the field downsized to half, Carrier and Khanh started stacking up, winning multiple pots against Ogi and Razavi to both lead at the first break of the day.


After a fifteen minute recharge, Razavi returned to the felt and once again he dominated the early stages of the round. He landed a double up with his K K, won successive pots to bring his opponents to below average stacks, and then eliminated Khanh in 4th place to climb to 600k in chips (there’s a total of 960k chips in play). But as previous, Razavi’s wins were also matched up with losses. He doubled up Carrier twice; his K J missing the mark against Carrier’s 9 8 on a board of 10 7 8 3 5; and his A J behind the whole way against Carrier’s A K. Razavi was eliminated by Carrier in 3rd place with A J winning a coin flip against 3 3.

Heads-Up Match

At heads up, Carrier had a very big lead of 700k to Ogi’s 260k but Ogi quickly doubled up with his J J dodging Carrier’s A Q. Both players had a similar passive-aggressive playing style which kept the action on a slow and steady pace. They eventually evened up and struck a deal. When play resumed, Carrier won a series of pots to take a dominating lead but again, Ogi doubled up with his 2 2 completing a full house against Carrier’s A 5 on a board of 8 2 8 K 4. The final hand saw Carrier all in with A 9 and Ogi covering him with A 8. The board ran 5 8 3 3 2 giving Ogi a pair and the Main Event championship title.

The celebration after Ogi’s come from behind win (photo L-R: Stephane Carrier – Main Event Runner-Up, Lloyd Fontillas – APT Executive Tournament Director, Hisashi Ogi – Main Event Champion and Avi Coagen of Queenco Poker

This is certainly a very exciting and happy win for Ogi whose deepest run was a 4th place finish at the Main Event back in October 2012 during the APT Asian Poker Series Manila. Congratulations to Hisashi Ogi for his victory at the Main Event!

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Main Event payouts
Entries: 48
Buy-in: $1,100
Prize Pool: $46,560
1st Hisashi Ogi – Japan – $16,530
2nd Stephane Carrier – France – $13,730
3rd Samad Razavi – UK – $7,000
4th Le Ngoc Khanh – Vietnam – $5,100
5th Kim Lay Ly – Cambodia – $4,200