Highlights of the APT Macau 2016 and the last four winners

As quick as it came, the Asian Poker Tour Macau 2016, in partnership with Poker King Club and SJM, is now in the books with 346 unique players in attendance, representing 26 countries from around the world. The event hosted a HKD 22,000 Main Event and 13 side events for a total of 965 buy-ins and a collective grand prize pool exceeding HKD 5.1M.

APT Macau 2016 held at the Crystal Palace of Casino Lisboa

The weeklong festivities ran from October 19-25, 2016, held at the Crystal Palace of the Casino Lisboa. Although there was a slight deterrent by mother nature, many pros, newcomers, and a scatter of regulars came out to experience the APT’s return to the gambling mecca of Asia after having been absent for three years. While the week had many thrilling moments, here are some of the big ones, including the winners of the final four side events. You can watch the daily highlights in the APT YouTube channel and browse the photos in the APT Facebook page.

China’s Guo Dong wins the Main Event

The APT Macau 2016 Main Event had a stellar field of heavy-weighted pros filling up the tables. With players such as Spain’s Sergio Aido, UK’s Daniel Tang, Hong Kong’s Winfred Yu, Korea’s Lim Yo Hwan, and defending champion Norway’s Henrik Tollefsen, all in the Final 8, it would not be their day as China’s Guo Dong owned the felt to claim his first ever APT championship title, the APT Championship Ring, and the first place purse of HKD 530,000.  You can read up on all the action of the Main Event in the Live Updates page.

Korea’s Lim Yo Hwan with two big cashes

Coming out to the APT Macau 2016 decked in full battle gear was Korea’s Lim Yo Hwan, who took down the opening event, the Poker King Cup HKD 300,000 Guaranteed. Lim defeated Singapore’s Feng Zhao in 2nd place and Norway’s Kai Paulsen in 3rd place. He also ran very deep in the Main Event, finishing in 4th place.

USA’s Duy Ho and France’s Frederick Fauchereau win two events

While winning an event and lifting up that trophy comes with utmost elation, getting there is certainly not a breeze. For two players, American pro Duy Ho and Frenchman Frederick Fauchereau, they made it look easy, capturing two side events at the festival.

Ho won the No Limit Hold’em tournament early in the week then picked up one of the last trophies of the festival, winning the Six-Handed event. Even before the final table was reached, Ho was confident he would rise to victory feeling very comfortable playing short handed. He obliterated his opponents for another APT glory to add to his shelf.

Fauchereau, on the other, was the master of the Deep Stack Turbo and the Super Deep Stack Turbo. Both events were fast and furious, becoming crapshoots in the later rounds. Back in May and July, Fauchereau also won these events to now shelve an impressive four APT Deep Stack trophies on his poker altar.

APT Player of the Year 2016 race update

 With the APT Player of the Year 2016 leaderboard updated, Japan’s Iori Yogo cashed in one side event at the festival, increasing his lead for the overall race against the quadruple APT POY champion, UK’s Samad Razavi, who has been playing catch up since June. At the APT POY Regional race, Korea’s SJ Kim has kept his lead however with Lim Yo Hwan running deep in two big events, Lim picked up ground and is not far behind in the second spot. There was no mobility in the Philippines bracket with Mike Takayama still in the lead. For Japan, Yogo clearly leads as well as Razavi in the international bracket. Clarifying the nations that fall under the China category are mainland China, Taiwan / Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, and Macau. Taiwan’s Hung-Sheng Lin holds the top spot there.

Final four side event winners

Super Deep Stack Turbo
Entries: 66
Prize pool: HKD 128,000

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Frederick Fauchereau

1st Frederick Fauchereau – France – HKD 34,400
2nd Duy Anh Nguyen – Vietnam – HKD 21,900
3rd Keng Lon Cheong – Macau – HKD 16,000
4th Guoling Wei – China – HKD 12,400
5th Kenji Yamashita  – Japan – HKD 10,800
6th Hua Wei Lin – China – HKD 9,300
7th Van Sang Nguyen – Vietnam – HKD 8,200
8th Minseong Park – HKD 7,300
9th Tan Boon Geong – Malaysia – HKD 6,700

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo
Entries: 54
Prize pool: HKD 42,480

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Pete Chen

1st Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – HKD 14,400
2nd Bongkyo Jeong – Korea – HKD 9,900
3rd  Wen Ling Gao – China – HKD 6,600
4th Qian Wang – China – HKD 5,100
5th Anthony Hope – Australia – HKD 4,400
6th Shih-Ciao Wang  – Taiwan – HKD 4,400
7th Chunsan Fan – China – HKD 3,400
8th Joo Hyun Park – Korea – HKD 3,00
9th Chang Rak Choi – Korea – HKD 2,700

Monster Stack
Entries: 89
Prize pool: HKD 431,600

Monster Stack Champion, Xinhao Xu

1st Xinhao Xu – China – HKD 117,500
2nd Peter Josef  Kleudgen – Germany – HKD 71,700
3rd Tin Yap Yip – Hong Kong – HKD 31,900
4th Chen An Lin – China – HKD 39,800
5th Tzu Chieh Bruno Lo – China – HKD 34,200
6th Chieh Huang Wu – China – HKD 29,500
7th Benjamin Wong – Hong Kong – HKD 25,600
8th Siow Wei Graeme – Singapore – HKD 22,600
9th Sz Wai Yeung – Hong Kong – HKD 20,400
10th Yohn Paredes – Peru – HKD 18,500

6 handed Turbo w/Antes

Entries: 65
Prize pool: 157,600

6 Handed Turbo Champion, Duy Ho

1st Duy Ho – USA – HKD 43,700
2nd Thomas Syversen – Norway – HKD 26,900
3rd Seitaro Aso – Japan – HKD 19,700
4th Yu Chung Chang – Taiwan – HKD 15,300
5th Yohn Paredes – Peru – HKD 13,200
6th Yoshio Yamashita – USA – HKD 11,500
7th Feng Zhao – Singapore – HKD 10,100
8th Shiela Chung – Singapore – HKD 9,000
9th Weu Zhao – China – HKD 8,200

The APT would like to thank everyone for coming out to participate in this event. We have been looking forward to getting back to Macau, and it finally happened! It was a thrilling week with some of the best poker throughout. We will be heading to New Caledonia in November for our next event, the APT Noumea, running from November 15-24, 2016 at the Casinos de Noumea. See you there and congratulations to all the winners!