Hat trick for Andy Li Xueyan; Lee Ji Hoon wins the 6 Handed; Jeremy Catalig scoops second trophy

With the final three side events of the APT Philippines 2017 all wrapped up, the nine-day festival at the Winford Hotel & Casino awarded the last remaining trophies. Shipping in one each was Andy Li Xueyan for winning his third at the Super Deep Stack Turbo, Lee Ji Hoon for topping the 6-Handed event, and Jeremy Catalig for his second victory at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo. Below is the final action recap of those events.

Andy Li Xueyan bags a third title at the Super Deep Stack Turbo

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Andy Li Xueyan

Singapore’s Andy Li Xueyan has been on fire at the series capturing a third title after winning the Super Deep Stack Turbo. In the previous days, Xueyan championed the Main Event Warm Up and the Pot Limit Omaha. He collected PHP 122,100 to add to his total winnings.

The Super Deep Stack Turbo drew in 23 players for a prize pool of PHP 334,600. As it neared the money round, both Aik Chuan and Iori Yogo found themselves booted out of the running but it was Jeremy Catalig who had the unfortunate tag as the bubble, with his Q-J falling to Luen Kwan Kwok’s A-Q.

The final four players celebrated the money round with big smiles as they moved to the featured RFID table. Action went down pretty quick with Xueyan scalping Lee Ji Hoon in 4th place with A A over Q 2. On a flop of J 4 Q, Xueyan pushed Lee all in and eventually got Lee to commit his entire stack in the middle. The turn 9 and river 7 ended Lee’s day.

Not long after, Xueyan sent Jang Geun Ji dejectedly out in 3rd place with A Q drawing blanks on the board against Xueyan’s 10 10. This set up the heads up round between Kwok and Xueyan. The double-trophy winner was ahead in chips and grew even more to a 5:1 chip lead with his A 7 win on a board of 5 K A 5 3.

The final hand came down with Xueyan holding A 7 and Kwok with K Q. No savior came for Kwok, and it was a hat trick for Xueyan who claimed his third victory of the series.

1st Andy Li Xueyan – Singapore – PHP 122,100 (deal made)
2nd Luen Kwan Kwok – Hong Kong – PHP 112,100 (deal made)
3rd Jang Geun Ji – Korea – PHP 56,900
4th Lee Ji Hoon – Korea – PHP 43,500

Korea’s Lee Ji Hoon wins the 6-Handed Turbo event

6 Handed Champion, Lee Ji Hoon

The 6-Handed Turbo event saw 20 players take a stab at the second to the last trophy of the series. Among those at the felt were Stephen Nathan, Jang Geun Ji, and Andy Li Xueyan, the front runners of the APT Player of the Series race. By the time the money round was reached, the three of them were out of contention while Hung Sheng Lin, Lee Ji Hoon, and Iori Yogo were left to battle it out.

In the lead was Yogo however it didn’t last, paying out a costly double up to Lee. On a raised pot preflop, Yogo pushed all in on a board of 2 A 10 and Lee snap-called. Yogo had Q Q and was dominated by Lee’s K K. The turn 8 and 5 improved both to a flush but Lee had the nuts and doubled up.

Immediately after, Yogo put all his chips at risk by calling Lin’s all in. Yogo had K Q and Lin with 10 10. The board bricked and Yogo took 3rd place.

The heads up round had Lin ahead of Lee in chips but they quickly traded positions with Lee winning a beefed up pot with his 7 3 trips on a board of 3 Q 3 K 4. Four hands later, the final hand came with Lee holding A Q and Lin with K J. The flop of K 7 3 offered hope to Lin with top pair, but it was short-lived as the turn Q and river A improved Lee to two pair for the win.

1st Lee Ji Hoon – Korea – PHP 97,000
2nd Hung Sheng Lin – Chinese Taipei – PHP 58,200
3rd Iori Yogo – Japan – PHP 38,800

Jeremy Catalig secures second title at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Jeremy Catalig

We have another double trophy winner! Filipino player Jeremy Catalig claimed the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo event for his second victory of the series. Catalig eliminated both of his opponents at the money stage, Enrique De Leon (2nd) and Yoichi Uesugi (3rd). The final hand saw De Leon with K 2 and Catalig with J 8. The final board of the festival spread Q J 2 Q 5. Catalig earned the PHP 64,500 first place purse to add to his previous earnings.

1st Jeremy Catalig – Philippines – PHP 64,500
2nd Enrique De Leon – Philippines – PHP 38,700
3rd Yoichi Uesugi – Korea – PHP 25,800

You can catch all the final action of these events in our APT Twitch channel and in the APT YouTube station along with daily video highlights.