Guam’s Annie Bordallo closes Day 2 as the massive chip leader with 1.2M chips

The Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2016 II concluded Day 2 of the Main Event at Resorts World Manila in Newport City, Philippines with 18 players bagging up stacks at the end of the night. The largest stack belonged to the lone female left in the field, Guam’s Annie Bordallo, who accumulated a massive 1,201,000 chips. Bordallo was the only player to cross seven-digits.

Main Event Day 3 Chip Leader, Annie Bordallo

Bordalllo’s rise to the chip leader’s position didn’t happen in one big hand. Alike everyone who made it through the day, she had to pick her battles well. In Level 14, Bordallo took on a big challenge from Filipino player Kim Enriquez calling his four-bet with A Q and then placing her tournament life on the line when she was pushed at the flop. That hand would turn out to be the most impactful double up for Bordallo as it was the starting point for numerous pots going her way. Bordallo eliminated Filipino pro Marc Rivera with her pocket jacks hitting a set, and to close the night, she eliminated Vietnam’s William Kang on the bubble with her A Q finding a pair against his A K on a board of 7 A 3 2 Q.

Another player who fared very well in Day 2 was Canada’s Linh Tran who entered the day with the overall largest stack from the combined Day one flights. Tran held the chip lead for most of Day 2, eliminating several players including heavy weight pros Henrik Tollefsen and Alex Lee. By the way Tran was playing, it was evident that the only way to defeat him was to have a big hand. Guam’s Jim Bonanno had one of those big hands, holding trips with his A-Q on a board of Q 10 3 6 Q, however it was still not enough with Tran coming up with a K J flush to burn him. Tran bagged up 895,000 chips.

The next three players down the chip ladder were Japan’s Shinichiro Tone, India’s Vikram Kumar, and UK’s Ben Martin. These players joined the chip leaders with their above average stacks at the end of the day.  Another player making it through was past APT Main Event champion Filipino pro Mike Takayama. Despite winning many pots and railing a couple of players, Takayama never reached average stack. He bagged up only 11 big blinds worth of chips at the end of Day 2. For Korea’s Kimura Jongyeol Lee, he didn’t have the same success as he did in Day 1b, where he topped the field, however he maintained his stack throughout the day to finish up in the middle of the pack.

Out of all the players who survived the day’s challenges, it was Korea’s Ji Woon Kim who breathed the biggest sigh of relief. At the bubble round, Kim was crippled down by Enriquez and was still able to avoid elimination. He bagged up a stack of less than one big blind.  As for bubble boy Kang, his defeat may have been a brutal one however he didn’t go home empty-handed. Kang availed of the Main Event Bubble Protection and will receive a free seat to the next APT Main Event of the same value.

For a detailed read on some of the highlights of Day 2 along with how some of the players went up and down, there are live updates in the Live Reporting section of the website. You can also view the Chip Counts there.

Day 3 will resume at 1pm tomorrow. The 18 remaining players are now in the money and will be guaranteed a payout of at least US$4,100. They will play down to the Final 8.