Final trophy winners: Two for Tetsuya Tsuchikawa and Sam Ng; Hisashi Ogi claims last trophy

The APT Southeast Asia 2017 concluded its final day at the DNA Star Vegas in Poipet, Cambodia with the kingly stage stacked with a couple of double titleholders. Japan’s Tetsuya Tsuchikawa captured his second series trophy after shipping in the 6 Handed Turbo and Malaysia’s Sam Ng seized two titles winning the Tilt King Monster Stack and the Deep Stack Turbo. Additionally, the last side event went to Japan’s Hisashi Ogi. Brief recap below on all of those results.

Malaysia’s Sam Ng wins the Tilt King Monster Stack and the Deep Stack Turbo

Sam Ng bags his second trophy of the series!

Malaysia’s Sam Ng. Yesterday Ng packed up early at the APT Main Event final table then jumped right back in the action multi-tabling two side events, the Tilt King Monster Stack and the Super Deep Stack Turbo.

The Tilt King Monster Stack picked up today at the critical bubble stage with five players remaining out of the 22 entrants. Ng didn’t just have a big stack coming in, he had a dominating monstrous stack and used it to eliminate every player at the felt. But before the destruction happened, Denmark’s Kristian Faering avoided elimination with K-9 connecting with a nine against Ng’s K-J.

Falling as the bubble was Japan’s Kota Nakano whose K-9 wasn’t as fortunate against Ng’s A-Q. He was followed by Japan’s Jun Saito for the first payout of the event.

The three-handed bout was very lopsided with Ng holding an enormous 10:1 chip advantage against Faering and Thailand’s Peerapong Jitwiwat. Faering couldn’t compete and fell next with his A-4 behind Ng’s A-10.

The heads up round saw some early fireworks with Ng thinking he won when his river shove that was called by Titwiwat. But with the Thai holding 8-9 on a board of 7-5-10-J-6, Ng’s 3-4 straight was behind. Despite losing some chips, it was too small to dent his stack. Ng rose to victory with his K J full house over Titwiwat’s A 5 on a board that ran Q K 2 2 2.

1st Sam Ng – Malaysia USD 3,670
2nd Peerapong Jitwiwat – Thailand – USD 2,300
3rd Kristian Faering – Denmark – USD 1,450
4th Jun Saito – Japan – USD 1,120

At the Super Deep Stack Turbo, the heads up round against Thailand’s Nuttaya Shinawara had Ng down to just two big blinds but that was just enough to stay in the game and eventually take the victory.

1st Sam Ng – Malaysia – USD 920
2nd Nuttaya Shinawa – Thaliand – USD 550
3rd Fabien Lesecq – France – USD 370

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa wins the 6 Handed Turbo for his second series trophy

6 Handed Turbo Champion, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

After seeing many final tables at the series, Japanese pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa took the 6 Handed Turbo to the limit to capture his second trophy of the series. Tsuchikawa became the fourth player to win two side event titles, joining Hailong Huang, Jun Saito, and Sam Ng.

Prior to his victory, Tsuchikawa entered the money round of four players with fellow countryman Yoichi Uesugi in the lead. But from there, the hands didn’t quite go Uesugi’s way. He lost two costly pots, one to Denmark’s Kristian Faering with A-Q dominating A-8, and the other to Tsuchikawa with A-K over A-Q. He eventually tumbled out in 4th place. Japanese player Mitsuru Sano followed next for a heads up battle staged between Tsuchikawa and the Dane.

It didn’t take long for Tsuchikawa to deliver Faering the axe. The final hand saw all their chips go in the middle preflop and Tsuchikawa won with Q-10 two pair over A-8 top pair over Faering’s top pair on a running board of A-10-Q-J-6.

1st Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – USD 1,830
2nd Kristian Faering – Denmark – USD 1,150
3rd Mitsuru Sano – Japan – USD 730
4th Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – USD 560

Hisashi Ogi denies Kenji Haida the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo title

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Hisashi Ogi

It was an exciting finish at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo – the last event of the series – with Japan’s Kenji Haida nearly capturing his second series trophy to become the fifth player with a double title. Several days ago, Haida triumphed at the NLH One Day #2. Despite getting to the heads up round, Haida couldn’t get past Hisashi Ogi and settled for a 2nd place finish.

The final hand saw both players all in preflop. Haida with A J against Ogi’s K J. The board came K Q 9 9 4 for a two pair victory to Ogi.

1st Hisashi Ogi – Japan – USD 770
2nd Kenji Haida – USD 470
3rd Nithiwat Santivorapong – Thailand – USD 310

Congratulations to all the final winners!!

All results can be found in the Events & Results tab of the website.