Final Table of the APT Vietnam Main Event is Set!

The final table of the APT Vietnam Main Event has been decided here at the Ho Tram Resort Casino with Singaporean national Norbert Koh leading the nine contenders with 382,000 chips and Kwan Kit Kwok from Hong Kong with 376,000 chips right there at his heels.

Norbert Koh and Kwon Kwan Kit

Norbert Koh began Day 3 in the middle of the pack and within the first hour, he eliminated short-stacked Siang Teck Lee from Malaysia with A A versus A K. Later, he eliminated American player Kamran Siddiqui in 11th place to add more chips to his arsenal, however it was his massive double up against Sunny Zhang that skyrocketed him straight into the chip leader seat. In a quick summary of the hand, Zhang raised all-in on a turn board of 3 5 4 A with his A 9 top pair but Koh had 6 7 for a straight. Full details of the hand can be found here.

Kwan Kit Kwok earned his seat into the final table in a different way than Koh. He first railed short-stacked Wen Ling Gao from China in 17th place, but then stumbled after losing nearly half of it to Korean national, Choi Young Su, when his 9 9 lost a coin flip to Su’s A K that filled up on the board K K 8 2 8. From there, he faced possible early elimination at the hands of Koh when he shoved with 8 9, but luckily caught a break when he landed a flush over Koh’s trip aces. Later, he delivered South African player Hendrik Appel his last hand with 10 10 winning against A J, and further escalated when he bagged a pot over 100,000 against against Koh during the final ten. Full details can be found in the Live Reporting page.

Another impressive run we witnessed today was the rise of Singaporean player, Jereld Sam, who came into Day 3 with a very short stack, but slowly clawed his way back into fighting contention after doubling up through Ben Abrahams. Sam followed that up by eliminating American player Peter Nguyen (who lost a majority of his chips to Sunny Zhang), and then winning a big pot worth 85,000 against Paul Tartak. With those big wins, he claimed the chip leader seat for a period time.

APT Vietnam Main Event 2015 Main Event Final 9

Congratulations to all the players!! The final table will begin at 2PM tomorrow. You can also watch all the final table action (30-minute delay) at

Here are the final nine players of the APT Vietnam Main Event:

Norbert Koh – Singapore – 382,000
Kwan Kit Kwok – Hong Kong – 376,000
Samad Razavi – England – 305,000
Bryan Huang Diwei – Singapore – 284,000
Sunny Zhang – China – 281,000
Jereld Sam – Singapore – 271,000
Erik Billgren – Sweden 174,000
Hideki Takafuji – Japan – 159,000
David Steicke – Hong Kong – 154,000