Final 3 trophy winners of the APT Manila 2017: Yosuke Takagi, Brian Mason, and Ken Okada

The final day of the APT Manila 2017 at the Winford Hotel & Casino saw the last three events wrap up with all the winners claiming their first APT trophy of the calendar year. The happy winners all qualify into the upcoming Game of Champions. Here are the final winners of the festival:

Yosuke Takagi cruises to victory at the High Rollers event

The High Rollers event resumed from last night’s break with 5 players out of the 15 that started back on the felt. The game was streamed and uploaded on the APT Twitch channel so you can catch all the action that led to Yosuke Takagi’s impressive victory. Recap below.

High Rollers Champion, Yosuke Takagi

The day began with four out of the five players hailing from Japan. Leading in chips was Kosei Ichinose followed by Takagi. After a couple of early pots between the two leaders, Takagi overtook and from there, he cruised to the champion’s stage.

First player eliminated was the short-stacked Piet Pape (Germany), winner of last night’s Monster Stack event. This brought about the bubble round with 4 remaining and only three paid. Once again, Takagi got the best of Ichinose with his 4 7 straight picking up a sizable pot on a board of 8 10 6 5 8. With betting at every stage, Ichinose turned over 8 9 trips. This loss dropped Ichinose to the lowest in the rung and he eventually bubbled.

First to the money was Tetsuya Tsuchikawa falling to the chip leader. Tsuchikawa shoved on a 9 8 4 K turn board and was snap called by Takagi. Tsuchikawa held 10 8 pair while Takagi had 9 4 two pair. The river 6 secured the win for Takagi.

At the heads up round, Takagi held 86 percent of the chips in play against Yosuke Kakiuchi. Kakiuchi managed to double up with his 10-10 surviving against  A-Q overcards but several hands later, the game ended. With both players all in, Takagi A J stayed ahead of Kakiuchi’s A 3 as the board dragged out K J 4 8 4.

Yosuke Takagi earned the PHP 436,500 first place purse and the event trophy. In addition, Takagi now qualifies into the Game of Champions.

Prize Pool: PHP 873,000 / Buy-in PHP 64,500
1st Yosuke Takagi – Japan – PHP 436,500
2nd Kakiuchi Yosuke – Japan – PHP 261,900
3rd Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – PHP 174,600

Brian Mason boots the crew at the 6 Handed event

USA’s Brian Mason chopped heads at the 6 Handed Turbo event to capture the PHP 77,600 first place money. The Final 4 round has been uploaded in the APT Twitch station so make sure to check it out.

6 Handed Champion, Brian Mason

The final hand saw the massive stacked Mason defeat Australia’s Anthony Abram. Mason had K 5 and Abram with Q J. The board spread out 8 6 9 3 7 for a straight and the title. With this victory, Mason qualified into the Game of Champions.

Prize Pool: PHP 194,000
1st Brian Mason – USA – PHP 77,600
2nd Anthony Abram – Australia – PHP 48,500
3rd Hiroyuki Yoshimura – Japan – PHP 29,100
4th Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – PHP 21,300
5th Saiki Tanaka – Japan – PHP 17,500

Three is the charm! Final event goes to Ken Okada

A huge beaming smile was all over Ken Okada’s face after winning the last event of the series, the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo. Okada finished runner-up in two other events and was finally able to take this one all the way to the finish line. He overcame a field of 33 entries to claim the PHP 51,200 prize money and the event trophy. Since this is Okada’s first trophy all year, he qualified into the upcoming Game of Champions.

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Ken Okada

The final hand saw Okada with K-K and Filipino Steven Chua with diamond suited A-10. The board produced a ten but that was it making Okada’s cowboys the clear winner.

Prize Pool: PHP 128,000 / Buy-in: PHP 4,400
1st Ken Okada – Japan – PHP 51,200
2nd Steven Galvez Chua – Philippines – PHP 32,000
3rd Mike Steinbacher – USA – PHP 19,200
4th Yosuke Takagi – Japan – PHP 14,100
5th Yohn Paredes – Peru – PHP 11,500