Early Leader in Cebu: Anyang Xu Tops 28 Survivors For Day 1A

The APT Asian Poker Series Cebu 2015 Main Event kicked off Friday at the All In Poker Sports Club in Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Cebu City, Philippines for Day 1A of the highlight tournament of the nine-day festivities in the Asian Poker Tour’s (APT) first event of the year. 63 runners was the final total for the opening day and only 28 players survived the action on the felt led by Anyang Xu of China.

After eight levels of play, the Chinese shot to the top of the heap by hauling in 85,275 in chips. Following him closely behind is Fred Romeo from the United States while two Japanese, Hideki Takafuji and Yoichi Uesugi were also near the 80K mark to complete the first four for the day.

Main Event Day 1A Leaders (photo L-R: Xu, Romeo, Takafuji, Uesugi)

Thanks to aces on the board Xu had his climb during the mid-levels of Day 1A. For Xu, the crucial hand was when he held A 5 and an opponent from the button raised and the Chinese made the call to see a flop of A A 3. Xu checked and the opponent led out with a pot-sized bet worth roughly 15,000 and Xu just flat called. On the turn 5 and river 8, Xu check-called again with the last one putting him all-in. Xu doubled up and he became one of the chip leaders of the day at that point.

“I think he was bluffing with four-six,” Xu shared after the day saying he initially put the opponent to holding ace-king but thought otherwise because of the line of his betting. “It was a big pot so I had to play it.”

Among the notable pros who have made it to Day 2, which is set on Monday (Feb. 2nd), are Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) with 54,800; Norbert Koh (Singapore) with 37,300; Andrew Gaw (Philippines) with 30,200; and Bede Connelly (Australia) with 9,575.

APT Asian Poker Series Cebu 2015 Main Event Day 1A – Chip Counts:

1. Anyang Xu (China) – 85,275
2. Fred Romeo (United States) – 83,500
3. Hideki Takafuji (Japan) – 79,675
4. Yoichi Uesugi (Japan) – 79,100
5. Brian Mason (Philippines) – 74,850
6. Mc Yeldrab Mantos (Philippines) – 72,475
7. Joseph Kim (Korea) – 70,275
8. Tsuji Yasuyuki (Japan) – 70,275
9. Rodger Hardy (Canada) – 58,975
10. Azusa Maeda (Japan) – 58,500
11. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) – 54,800
12. Douglas Olsson (Philippines) – 48,925
13. Kim Dong Kyu (Korea) – 43,600
14. Suen Erik Holmgrem (Sweden) – 43,350
15. Shinobu Tanaka (Japan) – 43,325
16. Jerwin Pasco (Philippines) – 43,300
17. William Mcauley (Canada) – 38,750
18. Norbert Koh (Singapore) – 37,300
19. Andrew Gaw (Philippines) – 30,200
20. Moriyama Yusuke (Japan) – 29,200
21. Phil Rohm (United States) – 28,950
22. Kiyohara Yukio (Japan) – 27,875
23. Guido Budack (Germany) – 16,975
24. Kenji Kurashina (Japan) – 13,925
25. Dinesh Alt (Switzerland) – 13,800
26. Rose Brennan (Philippines) – 13,125
27. Mikael Anderson (Finland) – 11,400
28. Bede Connelly (Australia) – 9,575

Action continues tomorrow in the first stop of the APT this year with Day 1B of the main event starting at 1:00 PM. One side event, the NLHE #8 with PHP 13,200 buy-in is also on tap as well as satellite tournaments to the main at 7:00 PM. For full details, check the Events and Schedule page.