Early Birds get Bubble Protection at Day 1b Today! Yogo and Kim capture Trophies!

The final flight of the Asian Poker Tour Cebu 2016 Main Event is upon us. Day 1b is set to start promptly at 1pm, and as advertised, you don’t want to miss out on the Main Event Bubble Protection! At yesterday’s day 1a there were 32 players who availed of the Main Event Bubble Protection. This is one of APT’s newest incentives for the early birds at the Main Event felt.

Just to give you an idea of how advantageous this protection is, if the player who bubbles at the Main Event has availed and qualified for the Main Event Bubble Protection, then that player will be awarded a free seat to the next APT Main Event of the same value. Here are three simple steps to get you protected:

  1. Pre-register for the Main Event
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play on the first deal of round number 1

An important note for re-entry players, if you have already met the qualifications for Main Event Bubble Protection, you will maintain that status only on a same day re-entry. For re-entry players wanting Main Event Bubble Protection on a next day re-entry, you will have to repeat the steps above.

In addition to the bubble protection, there is also a new prize added to the Main Event, the APT Championship Ring. This gorgeous solid silver ring will be awarded to every APT Main Event champion.

Head Hunter P4,000 Bounty

Head Hunter Champion, Iori Yogo

The Head Hunter event resumed yesterday with the final 8 players out of the 106 entries returning to the felt. Leading the crew with nearly double the amount of chips as the closest player was Denmark’s Michael Kim Falcon. First to fall was UK’s Samad Razavi in 8th followed by Korea’s Ji Jiang Geun in 7th, then Filipino John Constiano in 6th. It was a painful exit for 5th place finisher Alexis Lim from the home country, whose pocket aces were cracked by Falcon’s pocket jacks when it landed a set on the flop. At this point Falcon had amassed sixty percent of the chips and still had well above average stack despite doubling up Japan’s Iori Yogo twice. Meanwhile, Russia’s Gorbunov Vitali lost a big pot against Japan’s Daichi Tatsumi whose queen-ten landed a full house. Gorbunov was chunked down but then found renewed life when he landed a nutty runner-runner quads against Yogo’s nuts straight at the flop. As for Tatsumi, his extra chips didn’t last long as he was railed by Falcon in 4th place. Earning another bounty, Falcon railed Vitali who was severely crippled by Yogo to one big blind. Yogo had ace-four that landed trips against Vitali’s ace-queen.

At heads up, Falcon and Yogo had roughly the same amount of chips. It was a long and grueling battle with chips swinging back and forth. In the end, it was Yogo who bested Falcon, keeping his head and earning the first place cash of P312,200 plus the event trophy.

1st Iori Yogo – Japan – P312,200
2nd Michael Kim Falcon – Denmark – P182,600
3rd Gorbunov Vitali – Russia – P126,400
4th Daichi Tatsumi – Japan – P92,200
5th Alexis Lim – Philippines – P76,300
6th John Costiano – Philippines – P62,900
7th Ji Jiang Geun – Korea – P51,900
8th Samad Razavi – UK – P43,300

OFC Pineapple Shootout

OFC Pineapple Champion, John Kim

The OFC Pineapple Shootout had a total of 16 players with event regulars Sim Jae kyung, Menchu Esdaile, Samad Razavi, and Kai Paulsen in attendance. The recent APT OFC high roller champion, Evgeny Kocherov, was also back at the felt. The total prize pool was P232,800. By night’s end, it was John Kim who defeated Shingo Oto to claim the P116,400 first place cash prize and the event trophy.

1st John Kim – Korea – P116,400
2nd Shingo Oto – Japan – P69,800
3rd Sam Razavi – UK – P46,600

Side Events Today

Running alongside the Main Event day 1b will be two side events, the No Limit Hold ‘em 1-Day Event at 3pm with a P16,500 buy-in, and the Ante Only Turbo at 6pm with a P5,500 buy-in.

Twitch Tv and YouTube

Since the final table of the APT Kickoff 2016, we have introduced the APT RFID Table. We already have a good number of videos for you to watch, just head to www.twitch.tv/asianpokertourlive. Games played on the RFID Table will be aired the following day.

You can also watch the video highlights of the APT Cebu 2016 in our YouTube page. Just click this link: APTYouTube