Devan Tang and SJ Kim among the last winners of the APT Finale Macau 2016

The Asian Poker Tour Finale Macau 2016 had a celebratory evening at the Cystal Palace in Casino Lisboa with six players awarded the last remaining trophies of the festival. Here are all the winners.

Special Event: Super High Rollers

Not since the Manila Millions in 2012 has the APT included a super high buy-in tournament into their lineup. With this type of event now being sought after, the APT made room for this special event, the  Super High Rollers, but with a much lower entry fee. Scheduled for a two-day stint, there were eight players who coughed up the HKD200,000 buy-in for a prize pool of HKD1,552,000. By the time the field was cut in half, one of Japan’s high ranking pros, Takashi Ogura, was eliminated. This left three players, Devan Tang, Yu Liang, and Hongjun Zhao.

Super High Rollers Champion, Devan Tang

Before continuing, the players struck an ICM deal that in turn, dissolved the bubble round. They also agreed to deduct HKD100,000 from each of their payouts to pump up the eventual winner an extra HKD200K and second place an additional HKD100K.

Play resumed and eventually Liang found himself out of the running for the title while Zhao came from behind to enter the heads up round as the leader against Tang. This was a familiar moment for Tang who was heads up last week at the High Rollers event.

After several hands, Tang doubled up with K K against Zhao’s J 8 on a board of J 9 2 K Q. The shoves happened at the flop. Action continued with Tang earning more pots to take the chip lead. The final hand saw Zhao raise all in on a board of 6 4 10 and Tang making the call. Zhao had Q 7 bluff while Tang had J J overpair. The turn 2 and river 8 were blanks for Zhao and Tang claimed the victory.

1st Devan Tang – China – HKD720,000 (ICM deal made)
2nd Hongjun Zhao – China – HKD350,000 (ICM deal made)
3rd Yu Liang – China – HKD482,000 (ICM deal made)

Monster Stack

Monster Stack Champion, Vincent Li

The two-day Monster Stack event drew in 66 players for a prize pool of HKD512,200. The final table had a couple of well-known Asian pros, namely Nick Wong and Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. Both players earned a profit however it was Hong Kong’s Vincent Li who took it to the limit. Li defeated Hong Kong’s Kevin Tse at the heads up round with his J 5 full house against Tse’s Q 4 flush. The all in happened at the flop on a board of J 5 6 J K.

1st: Vincent Li – Hong Kong – HKD141,900
2nd: Kevin Tse – Hong Kong – HKD87,600
3rd: Kwok Chun Lai – Hong Kong – HKD64,000
4th: Jing Wang – China – HKD49,700
5th: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – HKD43,000
6th: Zurvan Tumboli – Dubai – HKD37,400
7th: Dilijiang A – China – HKD32,800
8th: Nicholas Wong – Hong Kong – HKD29,200
9th: Leo Pang – Hong Kong – HKD26,600

No Limit Hold’em 3

No Limit Hold’em 3 Champion, Dong Guo

China’s Dong Guo, the defending champion of the Main Event, was unable to match his previous feat but he didn’t go empty handed at the ongoing festival. Late last night, Guo overcame a field of 53 entries at the No Limit Hold’em 3 event to bag one of the last trophies.

At four-handed, Guo ended the hopes of Lavar Watkins who was on the hunt for his second side event title. Guo’s A-J improved to a higher pair against pocket tens. With three players left, China’s Lou Yijun railed Alan Lun King Lau to go heads up against Guo. Yijun quickly doubled up with K 8 flush against 3 3, but Guo answered back with a double up of his own with Q J improving to a higher pair on the board against 6 6. Guo proceeded to win it with his A 9 running trips against K 2 on a board of 8 9 2 A A.

Payouts – prize pool HKD257,000
1st: Dong Guo – China – HKD71,300
2nd: Lou Yijun – China – HKD43,900
3rd: Alan King Lun Lau – Hongk Kong – HKD32,100
4th: Lavar Watkins – USA – HKD24,900
5th: Jun Saito – Japan – HKD21,600
6th: Adam Bergrill – Germany – HKD18,800
7th: Tianyuan Tang – China – HKD16,400
8th: Bilian Ye – China – HKD14,600
9th: Ken Okada – Japan – HKD13,400

6 Handed Turbo w/Antes

6 Handed Turbo Champion, SJ Kim

The final day of the finale saw Korea’s SJ Kim bag another trophy after winning the only shorthanded event offered, the 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes. With 45 players hitting the felt, the prize pool amounted to HKD87,300 with five players seeing a payout. When the heads up round was reached, it was Kim up against Taiwan’s Yen-Han Chen. Interestingly, if Chen were to win it, he would overtake Taiwan’s Hung-Sheng Lin for the APT Regional Player of the Year China title by a very close 20 points. But it was not to be as Kim pushed ahead to win it. The final hand of the match saw Chen with K 7 and Kim with A K. The board completed to Q 9 3 K 6. Kim earned the HKD34,900 first place prize and his second side event trophy of the festival to add to his APT Main Event championship title.

1st SJ Kim – Korea – HKD34,900
2nd Yen-Han Chen – Taiwan – HKD21,800
3rd Sinwoo Kim – China – HKD13,100
4th Aso Seitaro – Japan – HKD9,600
5th Stephen Nathan – UK – 7,900

Super Deep Stack  Turbo

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Pak Shing Wu

The Super Deep stack Turbo attracted 64 players to the tables for a prize pool of HKD124,200. With nine places paid, several highly decorated players got a piece of the pie such as Chen Xiu, Kosei Ichinose, and Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. Going the distance was Hong Kong’s Pak Shing Wu who eliminated China’s Man Wun Ku to capture the HKD34,400 first prize and the event trophy.

1st: Pak Shing Wu – Hong Kong – HKD34,400
2nd: Man Wun Ku – China – HKD21,200
3rd: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – HKD15,500
4th: Hubert Spiess – France – HKD12,000
5th: Stephen Nathan – UK – HKD10,400
6th: Kosei Ichinose – Japan – HKD9,100
7th: Hyuwoon Son – Korea – HKD7,900
8th: Chen Xiu – Hong Kong – HKD7,100
9th: Jianzhong Song – China – HKD6,600

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo, Alan Lau

Hong Kong’s Alan Lun King Lau topped a field of 47 entries at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo (last event of the festival) to cash in the HKD18,200 first place purse. He went head-to-head against Germany’s Karl Peter Wittman who has been on the hunt for a trophy. The final hand saw Lau with K 2 and Wittman with 8 8. The board ran 3 K 7 5 J for a higher pair to Lau to award him the last trophy of the finale.

1st Alan King Lun Lau – Hong Kong – HKD18,200
2nd Karl Peter Wittman – Germany – HKD11,400
3rd Hyungmoon Jin – Korea – HKD 6,800
4th Lon Sang Song – Macau – HKD5,000
5th Yusuke Kakiuchi – Japan – HKD4,200