Déjà vu Day 2 with Malaysia’s Aik Chuan as the leader; Andy Li Xueyan wins second trophy

Seems like déjà vu at the Main Event with Malaysia’s Aik Chuan finishing Day 2 as the undisputed chip leader. Last time we witnessed this domination game from Chuan was at the recently concluded APT festival in Cambodia where he also topped Day 2 with a commanding stack.

For the past three days, the APT Philippines 2017 has been running their highlight tournament, the PHP 110,000 Main Event. At the end of the two Day 1s, the survivors merged with Chuan leading the crew. At the start of Day 2, Chuan immediately picked up right where he left off, building multiple towers to distance himself further from the field. He closed the day with the largest stack of 356,000.

Main Event Day 2 Chip Leader, Aik Chuan

The Main Event continues tomorrow, Tuesday July 25th at the Winford Hotel & Casino with the final 7 players racing to capture the APT Championship title. There are two past APT Main Event champions included in the lineup, Japan’s Iori Yogo and Korea’s Soo Jo Kim. Game time begins at 1pm.

Another title for Andy Li Xueyan! Wins the Pot Limit Omaha event

The Pot Limit Omaha event drew in 23 players to the tables and with each one ponying up the PHP 22,000 entry fee, the prize pool grew to PHP446,200. After a grueling ten hours of play, Singapore’s Andy Li Xueyan came from behind to seize the title for his second event trophy of the series.

Pot Limit Omaha Hi Champion, Andy Li

After Korea’s Jang Geun Ji eliminated Kai Paulsen in 3rd place, the heads up round began with Ji leading nearly 2:1 in chips against Xueyan. But Omaha is a tricky game and with four  hole cards, one’s winning hand can vary at the showdown.

Before Xueyan staged his run for the trophy, he lost a big pot that crippled him down to a disadvantage of 7:1 against Ji. With not many moves left but to shove, he got it all in with 6 4 4 2 and Ji called with 7 K A 8. The board felted 4 7 3 4 Q for a dominating four-of-a-kind and Xueyan scooped up his first double up.

The next double up Xueyan held A 6 3 9 and Ji with K J Q 9. The board ran well for Xueyan again as it landed Q 4 4 A 2. With more than half of the chips in play now in Xueyan’s corner, the final hand soon dropped. On a turn board of Q 5 8 J, both were all in:

Xueyan Q 10 Q 2
Ji 8 6 K 10

The river J closed the game with Xueyan completing a full house.

1st Andy Li Xueyan – Singapore – PHP 191,800
2nd Jang Geun Ji – Korea – PHP 120,500
3rd Kai Paulsen – Norway – PHP 75,900
4th Taehwa Kim – Korea – PHP 58,000

You can watch the final table action in the APT Twitch channel.