Cheung tops Championships Event Day 1A; Day 1B underway at 1pm; Yunsheng Sun wins High Rollers

The APT Finale Macau Championships 2017 has entered its ninth day of festivities with continuous poker action ongoing at the Macau Billionaire Poker in Babylon Casino. For today’s games, we have Day 1B of the APT Championships Event at 1pm. This is the last starting day to enter the festival’s prestigious event. Buy-in is HKD 22,000 which comes with a deep starting stack of 50,000 and blinds increasing at a very slow pace of 60-minute intervals. We do recommend players to be at their seats early and have their chips in play by the starting buzzer to avail of the Bubble Protection.

Championships Event Day 1A Chip Leader, Sparrow Cheung

Last night, Day 1A concluded with quite a number of notables in the list such as Chinese Taipei’s Hung Sheng Lin, USA’s Andrew An, and Australia’s 7th ranked pro, Kahle Burns. There were also two other decorated players that survived, Korea’s Lee Je Ho and Park Yu Sparrow Cheung. Both players recently scored big at an event on the other side of Macau.

For the latter Cheung, he closed out Day 1A as our chip leader with 193,000. Although we weren’t able to catch any of his big pots, we did see him win the last two hands of the day at his table. The first one was against Kahle Burns who raised to 2300 from the hijack seat and Cheung defended on the big blind. At the flop 3 4 5, both checked and the turn came 4. Cheung bet 3500 and was called. On the 3 river, Cheung led for 6k and also got called. He won it with 6 6. The other hand was a three-bet from 2200 to 6100 with Hung Sheng Lin opting to fold.

Yunsheng Sun triumphs the High Rollers event

The High Rollers event resumed from an overnight break with 16 players out of the 31 that ponied up the HKD 43,000 entry gunning for a big piece of the HKD 1,202,800 prize pool. It was quite a battle to the finish with China’s Yunsheng Sun having difficulty shutting down Australia’s Geoffrey Mooney at the heads up round.

High Rollers Champion, Yunsheng Sun

When we caught the action, Sun had Mooney dominated 6:1 in chips. Mooney impressively battled to even, landing one double up to help him along – A 8 improving to trips against 7 7 on a board of J 10 A A K. From there, the duel continued and the lead ping-ponged.

After Sun had a decent edge over Mooney, the final hand arrived with Sun calling Mooney’s three-bet shove. Sun had 8 8 and Mooney with A 10. The board bricked out and Sun claimed the title. He earned the HKD 481,800 first place purse and the event trophy.

1st Yunsheng Sun – China – HKD 481,800
2nd Geoffrey Mooney – Australia – HKD 301,000
3rd Ken Okada – Japan – HKD 180,000
4th Albert Paik – USA – HKD 132,000
5th Dong Guo – China – HKD 108,000

Today’s Events

We will also have two fast-paced side events running today, the Super Deep Stack Turbo at 3pm with a buy-in of HKD 2,200 and a few hours later at 6pm we have the Deep Stack Turbo 1 with a HKD 1,650 entry fee. These are some of the most highly enjoyed games offered by the APT with excitement from the get-go.

See the schedule for full details