Cebu Cup Heralds Successful Start to APT Asian Series Cebu

February 1, 2012 – The opening event of the APT Asian Series Cebu got off to a flying start today for Day 1A of the PHP 5,500 buy-in Cebu Cup. With a massive 147 players sitting down at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino’s All In Poker Club, only 40 remained at the end of the day with local Filipino William Nuneza leading them on 82,300 in chips.

Day 1A of the 6th Cebu Cup 1 Million Guaranteed

Despite it being just the first day of the tournament series, a number of notable players were also in attendance including Sangeeth Mohan, Victor Chong, Dave “El Blondie” Colclough, Jay Lubas, Richard Marquez, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa and Hirotoshi Nakabo.

Cebu Cup Day 1A Chip Leader: William Nuneza

Nuneza’s rise to the top came courtesy largely of Kim Michael Enriquez in one of the final hands of the evening. Unfortunately for Enriquez, his K K ran into Nuneza’s A A along with a short-stacked opponent with K 10. A board of 2 8 9 2 8 sent both Enriquez and the short stack to the rail and shot Nuneza into the lead.

The top 10 chip counts at the end of the day were:

1. William Nuneza (Philippines) 82,300
2. Gerry Flores (Philippines) 67,700
3. Hung Doo Sok (Korea) 57,100
4. Jason Walker (United States) 50,300
5. Ernesto Juano (Philippines) 48,400
6. Mars Espera (Philippines) 45,700
7. Lukasz Jankowski (Poland) 40,600
8. Arnius Galinskas (Lithuania) 38,600
9. Adrian Jayme (Philippines) 36,700
10. Kang Dong Woo (Korea) 35,400

Day 1B of the Cebu Cup at APT Asian Series Cebu starts at 1pm tomorrow. Check out the complete Event Schedule.