Calvin Tan Reigns Day 1A of the Main Event

Day 1A of the APT Poker Weekend Series Manila Main Event at Casino Filipino, Waterfront Manila Pavilion saw 73 entries take to the felt and at the end of tournament play, only 27 survived with Calvin Tan (Singapore) holding the top spot with a massive 197,700 chips.

Main Event Day 1A Chip Leader, Calvin Tan

Very early in the day, Tan watched his entire stack make its way to the middle of the felt in a hand against Rey Concepcion (Philippines). Tan surely wasn’t worried because his pocket fours had greatly improved into a full house by the turn. With the board showing 2 8 4 2, Concepcion called Tan’s all-in and true enough, Tan was way ahead against Concepcion’s pocket threes that was drawing dead.

After that double up, Tan had a steady run for most of the day, until the last two levels where he zoomed into the chip lead after winning several big hands, mostly from big-stacked John Tech. Tech played impressively throughout the day but Tan seemed to have his number late in the tournament. In the first big hand, Tan was all-in pre-flop with A K against Tech’s J J. The board was very kind to Tan, granting him two higher pairs when it ran A K 3 9 2. Not only did Tan double up but he also railed a short-stack during that hand.

In another hand, he climbed to over 90,000 chips when he won a pot against Jester Intia, but what sent him way over the top was a hand against Tech shortly before the day ended. Tan landed a full house with his 7 7 that got paid when Tech moved all in on a board showing J 7 J 3. Tech had 3 5. With the river felting a 2, Tan was shipped a massive double up to over 175,000 chips. Shortly after, he further escalated after winning a pot that crippled Tech way down to around 15,000 chips.

High Rollers Champion, Flo Campomanes

Also running simultaneous to the Main Event was the conclusion of the High Rollers Event with the day’s chip leader John Tech losing back-to-back hands against hot-handed Flo Camponanes making him the unfortunate bubble in 6th place. Camponanes doubled up huge with K K against Tech’s Q Q then followed it right up with A A against Tech’s J J.

From then on, Camponanes went on a scalping spree, eliminating all his opponents that by heads up against Marcuss Liow, Campomanes had a slightly over 7:1 chip advantage. Liow held on as long as he could but Camponanes was running hot and won with his 7 9 against Liow’s J 6 on a board that ran J 7 A 7 K. Campomanes claims the PHP601,000 first place cash prize plus the High Rollers trophy.

High Rollers (Event 2)
Buy-in: PHP55,000
Entries: 31
Prize Pool: PHP1,503,000
Payouts (in PHP)
1st– Flo Campomanes (Philippines) 601,000
2nd– Marcuss Liow (Malaysia) 376,000
3rd– Tomoya Baba (Japan) 226,000
4th– Lester Edoc (Philippines) 165,000
5th– Brian McAllister (Australia)  135,500

Congratulations to all the qualifiers of the Main event and to Flo Camponanes for his triumph at the felt today!

We will return for the last of the Day 1 flights at 1pm tomorrow. There will also be another No Limit Hold ‘em (Event 4) at 3pm followed by the Deep Stack Turbo (Event 5). Head to the website for more info on what’s in store at the APT Poker Weekend Series Manila.

You can also read up on some of the action at the Main Event in the Live Reporting section of the website. See you all tomorrow!