APT to Introduce New Events at Asian Series Manila

The Asian Poker Tour is proud to announce the introduction of three new types of tournaments during the upcoming APT Asian Series Manila 2014

Open Face Chinese Pineapple

One of the newest variations of poker and gaining popularity worldwide is the game of Open Face Chinese Pineapple. It is similar to Chinese Poker wherein players try to make the most of thirteen cards and follow a points system for the payouts but that’s where the resemblance ends.

Players receive five cards to play in turn. The cards are arranged face-up on the table, calculating where to place cards, whether on the top, in the middle, or bottom. Once a player has arranged his/her cards and indicates that his or her turn is complete, action then goes to the next player.

After the first turn, players get three cards at a time, and add 2 cards to their hand while discarding one card. Once the last card has been released, players can’t move it to a different row. Card placements are then binding.

Players are then paid out depending on position. For example, with Player C having the button is last to act. Player A against Player B. Then Player A against Player C. after which, it’s Player B versus Player C.

“One Time” Satellites

As the name implies, this is for players looking for that one hand to propel them to the Main Event. These tournaments are scheduled to run daily for the first four days of the event (September 10–14).

Step 1: Starting at 1:00pm and once 10 players sign up for the PHP 550 satellite, the hand will be dealt. Each player gets 2 hole cards then the board will be run. The player with the best hand then moves on to the “One Time” Finals at 10:00pm of the same day.

Finals: Players will be placed into groups of 10 for the Finals. At 10:00pm, the “One Time” Finals will start to be drawn. Again, only one hand will be dealt with the winning player possibly winning a seat to the Main Event.


  • Player can buy indirectly to the PHP 5,500 Finals.
  • Players can buy multiple entries at any Step.
  • In case of a tie, another hand will be dealt between the remaining players until a single player wins the hand.

Ante Only Turbo

This is an action-packed tournament because instead of the blinds, each level increases by the amount of the ante each player needs to give to the pot.

With antes kicking in at the start of the tournament, players will feel more pressure early since there are no free hands. Positions will still be determined by the button, with the immediate player to the left of it having to act first. This event will have each player place an ante right off the bat. Pre-flop pots will be up for grabs to any player daring enough to limp in or bring it in for a large bet.

The APT Asian Series Manila is scheduled from September 10th to the 17th 2014 at Resorts World Manila. Check out the complete Event Info