APT Main Event Bubble Protection

In 2016, the Asian Poker Tour came up with a handy new incentive, the Main Event Bubble Protection. This perk is definitely a “must have” as it offers a type of insurance during the bubble round because let’s face it, everyone has been short-stacked during the bubble round at some point in their tournament career. To ease some of the bubble worries, the APT will reward the “protected” bubble player a consolation prize equivalent in APT tournament credits based on the Main Event buy in.

Here are the three simple steps needed to get protected:

  1. Pre-Register
  2. Draw for your seat before the starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play before the first hand is dealt for each Main Event starting day.

*Important note: For re-entry players, if you have already met the qualifications for Main Event Bubble Protection, you will maintain that status only on a same day re-entry. For re-entry players wanting Main Event Bubble Protection on the next starting day, you will have to repeat the steps above. This also applies to players going for multiple stacks.