APT Experience Manila 2016 P1M Guaranteed Welcome Event Begins Today

It’s Saturday, the weekend is ripe, and the Asian Poker Tour Experience Manila 2016 is underway! This is the APT’s newest series for the year, and a lot is in store today and in the days ahead at the APT Poker Room inside the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino. A rundown of the events, from today until Sunday, May 22, 2016, the APT Experience Manila will feature a P55,000 entry fee Main Event and 19 fun-filled side events.

Taking the stage today is the P1,000,000 Guaranteed Welcome Event. This is one of the most popular side events on the roster, offering a great structure with an affordable buy-in of P6,600. There are two flights running today, Flight A running at 1pm and Flight B at 5pm. With unlimited re-entries and late registration open for six rounds, there will surely be lots of poker action for everyone to get involved in.

At 6pm, the first of the Main Event Mega Satellites takes to the felt, buy-in is P5,500. Based on previous accounts, many players who have won seats via these satellites have gotten very deep in the Main Event, turning the low buy-in into a big payout. So this is a great way to bag a sweet seat to the Main Event. The P55,000 entry Main Event begins on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 for Day 1a, and Wednesday, May 18, 2016 for Day 1b.

In addition to the Main Event, there are a variety of poker games in store throughout the nine day festival. For Pot Limit Omaha lovers, there are two PLO side events to enjoy, the PLO High Rollers with a P55,000 entry fee, and the PLO Hi with an P11,000 entry fee. For Open Face Chinese Pineapple enthusiasts, there is the High Roller OFC Pineapple Shootout (12 max) with a P55,000 entry fee and the OFC Pineapple Shootout (24 max) with an entry fee of P16,500.

With Texas Hold ‘em being the most popular in the scene, the APT Experience Manila offers a variety of events that cater to every type of No Limit Hold ’em player. For the fast paced turbo enthusiasts, there are five Deep Stack Turbo events to pump you up: the Deep Stack Turbo, the WeLoveSport and MegaSportsWorld events, the Super Deep Stack Turbo, and the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo. There is also the Head Hunter event that pays out P4,000 for every head scalped, and the 6 Handed Turbo event. For those who enjoy a steady paced / deep structure, there is the No Limit Hold ’em 1 Day event, the Monster Stack event, and the High Rollers event. Other fun events on the roster are the Battle of the Nations, Ante Up for Charity, Ladies of Poker, and the Ante Only event.

With all these events lined up, this means more APT Player of the Year points will be ready for the taking. Except for the Battle of the Nations event, all events will generate points towards the APT POY rankings. For the past four consecutive years, UK’s Samad Razavi has ruled the APT POY standings, and after four APT festivals completed this year, Razavi continues to dominate, coming into the APT Experience Manila 2016 as the current APT POY leader.

So let the games begin! Start your weekend with a shuffle. Welcome to the APT Experience Manila 2016! For more details on the schedule, hotel accommodations, and other event information, head to the APT website.