APT Championships Event Final Day at 1pm; Monster Stack and WeLoveSport.com on deck today

Big day ahead with the APT Championships Event on its final day! Good morning everyone and welcome to the penultimate day of the APT Finale Macau Championships 2017. Last night, 12 players remained at our featured event and at 1pm today they will return to race for the title. For the eventual champion, large prize money of HKD 459,400 awaits including the APT Championship Ring and Trophy.

The APT Championships Event brought in 87 entries and at HKD 22,000 each, the prize pool totaled HKD 1,687,800. The money will begin flowing at 10 places so you know what that means, two players will get the boot without anything to show for it. However we do have five players that have qualified for the Bubble Protection so if any of them do miss the cash by one spot then they will receive that relieving consolation prize.

Final day action begins at 1pm. We will have live updates on all the action as it unfolds.

Today’s events

Shortly after the Championships Event takes off, one of the APT’s most popular side events joins the action with the Monster Stack on deck at 3pm. This is a scheduled two-day event with buy-in at HKD 5,500. Players begin with a 30,000 stack, opening blinds at 25 – 50, and levels at 30-minute intervals.

For those coming in a bit later, we do have an event at 6pm, the WeLoveSport.com Deep Stack Turbo. Many players enjoy this game as it is fast-paced with lots of action from the get-go. If you plan to spend your Saturday night having fun at the felt, then this is perfect for you. It is affordable, fast, and you may even get to win one of those iconic APT event trophies. Buy-in is HKD 1,650. Starting stack is 10,000, opening blinds at 25 – 25, and levels at 20 minute intervals.

See schedule for full details.