75 players return for Main Event Day 2; Hung Chow and Bobby Soon win trophies

Now that both entry days have been completed, it is time to get down to business. Good morning players and welcome to Day 2 of the APT Main Event with 75 players returning to the Macau Billionaire Poker room in Babylon Casino.

For the past five days, the Asian Poker Tour has been hosting the APT Macau 2017 with the highlight tournament under the spotlight these past two days. Day 1A saw Malaysia’s Choong Kian Weng bag up a towering stack of 224,400 and in Day 1B it was China’s Yang Song who earned the heat’s chip leader’s status and the overall high chair with his stack of 241,300.

The APT Main Event attracted a total of 118 players – 44 for Day 1A and 74 for Day 1B – each one ponying up the HKD 19,800 entry fee for a prize pool of HKD 2,039,000. A total of 18 players will grab a share of that pie. While they are still ways away from the cash, it is still good to see what is up for grabs. The eventual winner will be receiving the sweet HKD 521,000 first prize. Along with that juicy dough, the champion will also be awarded the exclusive APT Championship Ring.

For today, none of that money will dish out, instead they will be battling it out another eight levels before closing up for the night. You can read up on the Day 2 action in the Live Reporting page.

Side Events and results

While the APT Main Event is underway, two side events will also be sharing the floor:

No Limit Hold’em 1 – HKD 8,800 entry – starts at 2pm
Deep Stack Turbo 1 – HKD 1,100 entry – starts at 6pm

For more details, head to the APT Macau 2017 event page.

Local player Hung Chow wins the NLH One Day Event 2

NLH One Day Event 2 Champion, Hung Chow

The NLH One Day Event 2 drew in 40 hopefuls, each one tossing in the HKD 2,200 entry fee for a prize pool of HKD 77,600. Unlike yesterday’s version of this event, this one moved in leopard pace with many players getting dusted early. When the final table of ten was formed, the pace continued, that is, until they hit the bubble round where it slowed down significantly. And understandably so, no one wanted to walk away empty-handed. But the bubble had to burst and it was Guang Lun Huang who delivered the crushing blow to the lone Indian player at the table.

The money round kicked off with Lok Wai Li holding a sizable chip lead. He was later usurped by Huang who got some good pay for his 3-7 full house off Paphawin Laodee on a board of 3-7-A-7-10. Li progressively lost his stack and was eventually downed in 5th place.

Another few rounds later, Macau’s Hung Chow chunked down chip leader Huang with a massive double up. The hand saw Huang with A K and Chow with A Q. The board spread to 3 Q K 9 A for a winning nut flush to Chow. From there, the local player was on fire. He eliminated Laodee in 4th and Alan Wu in 3rd to face Huang at the heads up round with a dominating 10:1 chip advantage.

Despite Huang winning a double up and a few small pots, the game was not his for the taking. Chow won with his 10 7 flush against 9 J trips on a board of K Q 9 8 9. Chow collected the HKD 31,000 first place purse and the event trophy.

1st Hung Chow – Macau – HKD 31,000
2nd Guang Lun Huang – China – HKD 19,400
3rd Alan Wu – Hong Kong – HKD 11,600
4th Paphawin Laodee – Thailand – HKD 8,500
5th Lok Wai Li – Hong Kong – HKD 7,100

Malaysia’s Bobby Soon wins the WLS Deep Stack Turbo

WLS Deep Stack Turbo, Bobby Soon

The first Deep Stack Turbo event of the APT Macau 2017 was on the tournament floor last night, this one powered by WeLoveSport.com. The event attracted 42 players for a prize pool of HKD 40,700. At the stroke of midnight, the champion emerged with Bobby Soon defeating Danny McDonagh at the heads up round.

1st Bobby Soon – Malaysia – HKD 16,200
2nd Danny McDonagh – Ireland – HKD 10,200
3rd Ci –Yuan Huang – China –  HKD 6,100
4th Isaac Lo – Hong Kong – HKD 4,500
5th Luen Kwan Kwok – Hong Kong – HKD 3,700