54 players return for Championships Day 2; Ivan Chung and Lin Wai Tat win event trophies

Now that both starting days have come and gone, we move on to Day 2 of the APT Championships Event with 54 players returning to the Macau Billionaire Poker at Babylon Casino. In terms of numbers, with a total of 87 players putting in the HKD 22,000 entry fee, the prize pool amounted to HKD 1,687,800.

Although the money won’t be flowing today, the champion will eventually pocket HKD 459,400 while the lowest payout will earn HKD 72,200. The event pays 10 places.

The top two players entering Day 2 are none other than the starting day leaders. The larger of the two was Korea’s Lee Kyung Min who topped Day 1B with 194,300 in chips. Trailing him by a small margin is Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung with 193,000 in chips.

The game will resume exactly at 1pm. They start at Level 9 with blinds at 600 – 1200 ante 200, and they will be on the felt for another 8 rounds of sixty minutes each. Average stack is 80,555.

You can follow the action in our Live Updates page.

Today’s Events

Running alongside the APT Championships Event are two fun-filled side events, the No Limit Hold’em 3 and the Deep Stack Turbo 2. Details below:

No Limit Hold’em 3
: HKD 7,700
Starting time: 3pm
Starting stack: 10,000
Opening blinds: 25-50
Level intervals: 30 minutes

Deep Stack Turbo 2
: HKD 1,650
Starting time: 6pm
Starting stack: 10,000
Opening blinds: 25-25
Level intervals: 20 minutes

*Late registration / re-entry for both events will close at the start of round 7.

See schedule for full details.

IVan Chung wins the Super Deep Stack Turbo

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Ivan Chung

47 players spent yesterday afternoon at the felt for the Super Deep Stack Turbo event. The game lasted nearly 8 hours before Ivan Chung finally secured the title. He eliminated Kim Jiyoung at the heads up round to earn the HKD 36,5000 first place purse.

The final hand saw Chung limp in from the button, Kim shove on the big blind, and Chung with the quick call. Chung A A, Kim K Q as the final board ran 7 9 A 10 8. Chung had Kim covered by half a big blind.

Prizepool: HKD 91,200
1st Ivan Chung – Hong Kong – HKD 36,500
2nd Kim Jiyoung – Korea – HKD 22,800
3rd Yiu Heung – Hong Kong – HKD 13,700
4th Mojtaba Teymouri – Iran – HKD 10,000
5th Nga Ko Annie To – Hong Kong – HKD 8,200

Lin Wai Tat claims the Deep Stack Turbo 1

Deep Stack Turbo 1 Champion, Lin Wai Tat

The final side event to wrap up last night was the Deep Stack Turbo 1 with Lin Wai Tat rising above the 32 player field to claim the title. The heads up round against Chan We Hei was quite lopsided with Lin backed by nearly 4:1 in chips. The final hand came quick with Lin K Q and Chan K 9. The board dragged out 3 A J 10 7 for a victorious straight to the ecstatic Lin. He earned the HKD 18,600 first place purse and the event trophy.

Prizepool: HKD 46,600
1st Lin Wai Tat – Hong Kong – HKD 18,600
2nd Chan Wa Hei – Hong Kong – HKD 11,700
3rd Chua Shan Hui – Singapore – HKD 7,000
4th Hiroshi Matsumoto – Japan – HKD 5,100
5th King On Chen – Hong Kong – HKD 4,200