Joseph Wins the Welcome NLH Event; Yogo Scalps Paulsen for the Head Hunter Title

It was a day of smiles at the APT Vietnam with several players awarded prizes here at the Ho Tram Resort Casino. The first big winner of the day was South African player Marc Joseph who bagged all the chips at the Welcome to APT Vietnam NLH (Event 1). Later in the evening, Iori Yogo from Japan won the Head Hunter (Event 3) by defeating Norwegian player Kai Paulsen in a showdown that lasted nearly 3 hours. And at the Main Event Mega Satellite, four players were awarded seats to the Main Event.

Welcome to APT Vietnam NLH Champion, Marc Joseph

Resuming where he left off, Joseph entered the second day of the Welcome to APT Vietnam NLH with a very healthy chip stack and maintained it all the way to the final table. A few ups and downs brought his stack to below ten big blinds but after a double up with his 10 10 against Azusa Maeda’s K 5, he cruised the rest of the way. He landed another double up with his 6 4 flush, then at heads up versus Australian player Emanuel Seal, he controlled most of the action and reigned victorious with his A K flopping a nut flush on a board of 4 3 7 10 9.

Joseph earned himself the first place cash prize of $3,360 plus the APT championship trophy for that event.
(See below for the payouts)

Head Hunter Champion, Iori Yogo

The Head Hunter event saw a total of 44 entries generating a prize pool of $12,670, plus an additional $4,400 for bounties. Paulsen dominated the final table, for most of the evening, and by the time it was heads up against Yogo, he had around seventy percent of the chips in play.

Yogo however would not be phased. He remained patient even if at times it seemed like Paulsen was going to have his scalp. After nearly three hours of heads up play, the stacks evened out, and in one crucial hand, Yogo got it all in with his K 2 top pair on a turn board showing  4 8 K Q. Paulsen could not fold his Q 9 which cost him dearly as he was crippled down to 4K after the river of 7 from which he was unable to recover.

Yogo collected the first place cash prize of $4,130 plus 4 bounties and the APT Vietnam Head Hunter trophy.
(See below for the payouts)

Congratulations to all the winners!


Welcome to APT Vietnam NLH (Event 1)
71 Entries
Prize Pool $13,770
1st – Marc Joseph – South Africa – $3,360 (deal made)
2nd – Emanuel Seal – Australia – $2,800 (deal made)
3rd – James Anderson – USA – $1,720
4th – Azusa Maeda – Japan – $1,340
5th – Alain Walder – Switzerland – $1,160
6th – Nicolas Vidal – Chile – $1,010
7th – Hendrik Appel – South Africa $880
8th – Erik Billgren – Sweden – $780
9th – Justin Lowe – South Africa – $720

Head Hunter (Event 3)
44 Entries
Bounty $4,400
Prize Pool $12,670
1st – Iori Yogo – Japan – $5,070
2nd – Kai Paulsen – Norway – $3,170
3rd – Norbert Koh – Singapore – $1,900
4th – Desmond Yow – Singapore – $1,390
5th – Toan Nguc Nguyen – Australia – $1,140

We will return later today for the APT Vietnam Main Event Day 1A. Cards start flying at 1PM.
For more information, on the day’s events click here.