Aggressive Effort in Cebu: Zhou Hongming Rules Day 1C, Gains Overall Chip Lead

With a last chance at a shot at a major Asian Poker Tour (APT) title in the first APT event of the year, 96 hopefuls trooped to the All In Poker Sports Club in Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Cebu City, Philippines for Day 1C of the APT Asian Poker Series Cebu 2015 Main Event. After another eight levels of play, 48 survived and it was Zhou Hongming of Singapore who came out on top with 141,125 in chips.

The Singaporean now leads the 105 total survivors from all three starting days and he did it with his constant aggressive play. While a foreigner is the overall chip leader entering Day 2, the locals were well represented with three Filipino players also having a great haul for Day 1C. The Philippines’ Jay Lubas (99,000), Kim Enriquez (91,300) and Christopher Runas (80,525) ranked second to fourth for Day 1C, respectively.

Hongming, Lubas, Enriquez and Runas

Two key hands assured Hongming’s rise to the top of the heap. The first one involved his 7 9, which he raised pre-flop. An opponent re-raised him and he called to bring the flop 6 8 J for the gut-shot straight draw. Hongming bet the flop and the turn A before being raised on both streets, to which the Singaporean called. When the river 10 arrived, he jammed it and the opponent called. After this hand, Hongming became one of the the chip-leaders at around the mid-levels.

The second and most recent one happened in the last level. Hongming opened from the hi-jack with just nine-deuce and he had a caller from the button who flat-called. The dealer flopped 9 2 9 and Hongming check-called the turn 10 before shoving on the river 6. The opponent shoved and got busted as Hongming became the overall chip leader.

Since it was close to the end, I was just trying to pick up some blinds,” admitted the Singaporean when asked about playing nine-deuce.

With the rather risky and definitely profitable plays, Hong Ming is now the overall leader entering Day 2, which is set Monday (February 2nd) at 1:00 PM. Anyang Xu of China topped Day 1A with 85,275 while Lim Jin Wook ruled Day 1B with 58,550.

APT Asian Poker Series Cebu 2015 Main Event Day 2 – Top 30:
1. Zhou Hongming (Singapore) – 141,125
2. Jay Lubas (Philippines) – 99,000
3. Kim Michael Enriquez (Philippines) – 91,300
4. Anyang Xu (China) – 85,275
5. Fred Romeo (USA) – 83,500
6. Christopher Runas (Philippines) – 80,525
7. Hideki Takafuji (Japan) – 79,675
8. Yoichi Uesugi (Japan) – 79,100
9. Brian Mason (Philippines) – 74,850
10. Mc Yeldarb Mantos (Philippines) – 72,475
11. Joseph Kim (Korea) – 72, 125
12. Soebakti Hartanto (Indonesia) – 71,675
13. Tsuji Yasuyuki (Japan) – 70,275
14. Alexey Gatsko (Russia) – 67,075
15. Lester Edoc (Philippines) – 65,325
16. Mark Lloyd (Australia) – 62,100
17. Rodger Hardy (Canada) – 58,975
18. Lim Jin Wook (Korea) – 58,550
19. Azusa Maeda (Japan) – 58,500
20. John Tech (Philippines) – 57,500
21. Chris Scholes (UK) – 56,925
22. Lee Jong Yeol (Korea) – 55,025
23. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) – 54,800
24. Ichtiar Eripin (Indonesia) – 54,275
25. Jay Tolon (Philippines) – 53,675
26. Ron Tse (USA) – 51,600
27. Yu Kurita (Japan) – 50,875
28. Simba (Korea) – 50,050
29. Bryan Huang Diwei (Singapore) – 49,750
30. Douglas Olsson (Philippines) – 48,925

Also on tap on the same day are the No Limit Hold’em 2 Event with PHP 19,800 buy-in and the Ante Only Turbo event with PHP 5,500 buy-in scheduled at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM, respectively. For full details, check Events and Schedule page.