Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2013

Fastest Ever: Tran becomes APT Main Event champ in 2 hands! (1st – $124,000)

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

That was a fast one!

There’s a wild celebration here at the Resorts World Manila as we have just witnessed the fastest heads-up round in the history of the Asian Poker Tour main event as a champion was decided in just TWO HANDS! Yes, that’s not a typo and that’s what we get when you have two aggressive players going at it from the get go.

And this is the story of the last hand:

Thang Truong opened the betting preflop to 100,000 but saw a re-raise all-in from Khac Trung Tran! Truong would consider this one for a long time as this was his tournament life at risk… He made the call!

Tran: J Q
Truong: A 6

Flop: 3 9 J and Tran and his supporters can already taste the title here.

Turn Q arrived and it was all over. Dealer tables river Q for formality and simply, the exclamation point on Khac Trung Tran’s great main event run as he becomes the APT Philippines 2013 Main Event champion! For this herculean effort, he goes home with $124,000.


APT Philippines 2013 Main Event Champion, Khac Trung Tran

We’ll recap all the action in our homepage so check back later to read all about the Final Table.

APT Live Reporting team now signing off. Thank you and good night!

Truong settles for runner-up finish (2nd – $71,600)

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

And wow, what a quick heads-up! Details in a few.

Aussie vs Aussie in the Heads-Up round!

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Khac Trung Tran with 2,650,000 against Thang Truong with 1,450,000.

Sekiya loses race for tournament life (3rd – $48,700)

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Button player Thang Truong raised to 100K preflop but saw Sekiya Yosuke move all in! Next to act, Khac Tran asks for a count… 865,000 says the dealer and he spends some time in the tank before making the call.


Yosuke: A 9
Tran: 6 6

Classic race for what could cost Sekiya’s tournament life… Flop Q 2 7 provided no help for Sekiya at all; turn 4 and river 5 couldn’t save the Japanese too and he’s is out of the tournament.

3-Bet from Tran takes down big pot

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Button player Tran opened the action 100K and got a call from both blinds for a rare 3-way action postflop.

8 4 A arrived and was checked by Truong from the small blind and Sekiya from the big blind. Tran continued his story betting 120K which was folded to by Truong. Sekiya wanted to test Tran though and re-raised to 260K… All well and good until Tran decided to 3-bet to an unknown value. We did not get to see the unknown 3-bet because Sekiya insta-folder upon seeing lots of chips moving to the middle…

Tran retakes slight lead in this 3-handed final table and has now around 1.6M.

Still almost equal chips for the trio

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Tran at 1.4M, Sekiya at 1.3M and Truong at 1.2M (rough estimates)

So who will blink first? Who will take the bulls by its horn?

Sekiya’s 4-bet shove

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Sekiya raised 100K from the button and gets re-popped by Tran to around 220K at the SB. BB Truong got out of the way and action was back to Sekiya, who 4-bets all-in worth well over a million. Tran did not want to commit that many chips and folded.

Tran still the aggressor

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Not much movement on the distribution of chips as per our last count but Tran is still the aggressor majority of the time.

The original raiser on a board of A K 2, Tran led out again at the turn 9 with a 85,000 bet.

Enough to force the fold from Sekiya.

Sekiya at it again

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000

Just like in some reported hands, Sekiya’s protect his blinds (small or big) with authority.

From the button, Truong raised to 100,000 only to see Sekiya from SB move allin for his million. Tran folded and so did the original raiser.