Asian Poker Tour Cambodia 2016

Hisashi Ogi wins the Main Event – $16,530-Hisashi Ogi拿下主赛冠军,奖金16,530美金!

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Japan’s Hisashi Ogi has claimed his first APT Main Event Championship title! He eliminated France’s Stephane Carrier to capture the Main Event championship trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and $16,530 in cash. Congratulations to Hisashi Ogi!

恭喜日本选手Hisashi Ogi拿下2016APT柬埔寨站主赛冠军!

他在淘汰法国选手Stephane Carrier之后一举拿下APT主赛冠军奖杯,冠军戒指及冠军奖金16,530美金!

Stephane Carrier takes runner-up – $13,730 -Carrier拿下亚军,奖金13,730美金!

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

It only took two hands for Hisashi Ogi to bounce into the chip lead and then eliminate Stephane Carrier in the runner-up spot. The final hand saw Ogi raise to 40k preflop, Carrier shoved, Ogi snap-called and it was a showdown. Ogi with A 8 and Carrier with A 9. The board ran 5 8 3 3 2 and with a pair, Ogi seized the Main Event title. Carrier earned $13,730 for his deep finish.

此役Ogi加注至四万,Carrier all in, Ogi闪跟,Ogi亮出底牌 A 8, Carrier底牌 A 9,公共牌 5 8 3 3 2让Ogi达成两对胜出,拿下2016APT柬埔寨站主赛冠军,Carrier则收获亚军奖金13,730美金。

Ogi doubles up to 550k-Ogi翻番至五十五万!

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Hisashi Ogi was getting owned at the felt with Stephane Carrier winning pot after pot. With his remaining 268k, he moved all in and Carrier snap-called. Ogi had 2 2 and Carrier with A 5. The board ran 8 2 8 K 4 and with his full house, Ogi snagged a big double up to climb into the lead.

此役Hisashi Ogi all in 268k筹码,Carrier闪跟,Ogi底牌 2 2,Carrier底牌 A 5,公共牌 8 2 8 K 4,Ogi达成满堂红成功翻番,领跑决战桌。

Carrier running away with more chips-Carrier连下两城!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

After the deal was made, Stephane Carrier took off running winning a couple of big pots to bring him over 700k in chips. The first hand saw him call Hisashi Ogi’s raise to 32k. The flop was 8 3 3, he check-called Ogi’s bet of 30k and the turn of A was dealt. Both players checked, and on the river of Q as well. Carrier won with his K J.

在协议达成之后,Stephane接连拿下几轮大额底池,筹码已逾七十万,在首回合他跟注Hisashi Ogi的加注至叁拾贰万,翻牌圈 8 3 3,Carrier check call Ogi的下注三万,转牌发出 A ,双方过牌,河牌 Q落定,Carrier以底牌 K J胜出。

The next big pot had a similar start with Ogi raising to 32k and Carrier calling. The flop of 6 2 9 had Ogi follow up with a 32k bet but Carrier check-raised to 100k. Much too much, Ogi folded. Carrier now over 700k chips.

次回合,Ogi加注至三万二,Carrier跟注,翻牌圈 6 2[9c},Ogi持续下注三万二,Carrier checi-raise至十万,Ogi弃牌。

Deal made-双方达成奖金分配协议

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Doing what he does best, Hisashi Ogi grinded his way back into even stack with Stephane Carrier. They then decided to strike a deal with both players receiving $13,730 each. They will play for the title and an additional $2800.

Hisashi Ogi一路猛追至与Stephane Carrier几近相同筹码,他们随后决定在均获13,730美金奖金的基础上,最后的赢家再独得2800美金奖金。

A slapping double up for Carrier-Carrier达成顺子翻番!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Stephane Carrier moved all in with J 9 and was called by Hisashi Ogi with K Q. The board ran 7 10 2 6 8 giving Carrier a straight and a big slapping double up to 640k chips. With just that hand, he has retaken the lead. Ogi has 320k, exactly half of Carrier’s stack.

此役Stephane Carrier以底牌 J 9all in, Hisashi Ogi以底牌 K Q跟注,公共牌 7 10 2 6 8让Carrier达成顺子成功翻番,此番过后,Carrier筹码增至六十四万,Ogi则被削弱至三十二万筹码。

Ho continues to dominate this round-Ogi持续领跑!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Hisashi Ogi came out with guns blazing in this round. He has won a majority of the pots along with reclaiming the leader’s status. He has just scooped up the next five pots with a mix of raises- re-raises, and flop bets. He leads with over 600k.

Hisashi Ogi在重夺头名之后一路稳扎稳打,拿下大量底池,并在近五轮连续在翻牌前拿下底池,Ogi现时筹码逾六十万。

Big pot ends in a split-平分大额底池!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

In what looked to be a big pot ended in splitsville. The hand was charged up with a 32k raise from Hisashi Ogi and called by Stephane Carrier. At the flop of 10 5 8, Ogi backed up his initial raise with a bet of 32k again and Carrier check-called. At the turn of 6, it was Carrier who led out with a bet of 60k, and Ogi smooth-called. The river of K saw no bets on the table and both turned up two pair with eight-six. Split pot!

此役Hisashi Ogi加注至三万二,Carrier跟注,翻牌圈 10 5 8,Ogi下注三万二,Carrier check-call, 转牌 6,Carrier祭出六万,Ogi闪跟,河牌 K落定,双方休战并亮出8-6底牌,平分筹码!

Ho back on top-Ogi连下两城!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Hisashi Ogi has just won two pots back-to-back after the break and has taken the chip lead from Stephane Carrier. The first hand saw him raise to 32k preflop and getting the call from Carrier. The flop of 4 5 K had more chips hit the felt with Ogi betting 32k and Carrier check-calling. The turn of 8 had them put on the brakes but on the river of 2, Ogi fired out 62k and won without a challenge.

休息过后,Hisashi Ogi连续拿下两轮底池,首回合他于翻牌前加注至三万二,Carrier跟注,翻牌圈 4 5 K,Ogi下注三万二,Carrier check-call,转牌发出 8,双方过牌,河牌 2落定,Ogi祭出六万二,Carrier弃牌。

The next pot was a preflop raise war with Carrier upping it to 32k then Ogi three-betting to 100k. That was it, he won with Carrier folding up.

次回合为加注战,Carrier加注至三万二,Ogi 3-bet 至十万并最终拿下底池。