Asian Poker Tour Vietnam 2015

Kwan Kit Kwok wins the APT Vietnam Main Event (1st place- $26,800)

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

With the elimination of Bryan Huang, Kwan Kit Kwok has won the APT Vietnam Main Event! He is awarded the fist place big kahuna of $26,800 and is the first APT Vietnam Main Event Champion!

Bryan Huang claims 2nd place against Kwok (2nd place – $20,000)

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

After several exchanges of blinds and antes, Kwan Kit Kwok called Bryan Huang’s all in and it was a showdown with Huang holding A 5 and Kwok with a dominating A Q. With the board running K Q 2, Kwok improved to a pair, and with the turn of 7 and river of 9, Kwok eliminated Huang in second place.

Bryan Huang earns $20,000 for his runner-up finish at the Main Event.

Huang takes some back

Level: 3000 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 24

After exchanging blinds and antes, Bryan Huang claims two decent pots to add to his arsenal. In the first hand, Huang initiated the action with a raise to 50,000 and Kwan Kit Kwok called. At the flop of 6 Q 5, Kwok checked to Huang who continued with a 55,000 bet. Kwok folded.

Several hands after, Huang called a raise by Kwok to 50,000 and both went to see a flop land A Q Q. Both players checked to get a turn card of 6. Huang led out for 45,000 and Kwok smooth-called. Then on the river of 7, both opted to check to each other and Huang won the pot with his K 8 against Kwok’s K 4.

Kwok takes from Huang early in the Heads Up

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Kwan Kit Kwok raised to 40,000 from the button and Bryan Huang made the call. At the flop of 3 Q 9, both players checked to get a free turn card of 8. Huang led out first and bet 45,000 but Kwok raised to make it a total of 100,000, Huang called. On the river of A, Huang checked to Kwok who slid out 130,000 and with that Huang folded.

Heads up Chip Count

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

We are now heads up at the APT Vietnam Main Event!!

It is Kwan Kit Kwok from Hong Kong with 1,723,000 up against Singaporean pro Bryan Huang with 662,000. Kwok sits with over 70% of the chips.

Good luck to the players!

Kwok eliminates Sunny Zhang in 3rd place (3rd place- $11,900)

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Sunny Zhang has just bowed out at the hands of the chip leader Kwan Kit Kwok. The hand began with Zhang raising it to 40,000 from the button and was called by Kwok. Both watched the board table a 6 K 10, and Kwok checked to Zhang who moved all in for 400,000. Kwok made the huge call with second pair.

At the showdown it was Kwok ahead with 10 7 against Zhang’s J 9. Zhang however had a lot of outs, he had a straight flush draw, plus a few jack outs. With the turn of 4 and river of A, Kwok averted all the outs and eliminated Zhang in 3rd place.

Sunny Zhang bows out in 3rd place and takes home $11,900 in winnings.

Kwok takes over the chip lead!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Kwan Kit Kwok landed himself a massive double up against Bryan Huang in hand that began with a 48,000 raise by Huang on the small blind which was called by Kwok on the big blind. At the flop of 6 7 3, Huang led out for 62,000, got raised t o130,000 by Kwok then a three-bet all in by Huang which Kwok snap-called.

Huang: 8 5 straight draw

Kwok: 6 7 two pair

With the turn of 7, Kwok filled up to a full house and was awarded a massive pile in the middle. Kwok now has around 1.2M chips and has taken over the chip leader position.

Bryan Huang has roughly around 480,000 chips.

Huang wins a decent one against Kwok

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Chip leader Bryan Huang raised it up to 40,000 and found a caller on the sb, Kwan Kit Kwok. At the flop of J A 3, Huang bet 40,000 and Kwok check-called. At the turn of 9, Kwok checked again and Huang bet 120,000. Kwok folded.

Kwok seizes the pot from the raisers

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Kwan Kit Kwok just took a pot away from Bryan Huang and Sunny Zhang in a hand that began with Zhang raising from the button then re-raised to 95,000 by Huang. Kwok moved all in and quickly, he won the pot as both Zhang and Huang folded.