APT Southeast Asia 2017

Malaysia’s Aik Chuan – APT Main Event champion – USD 14,790

Malaysia’s Aik Chuan entered the day as the chip leader and finished the APT Main Event with all the chips. He claimed the first-ever APT Main Event title of the APT Southeast Asia 2017!!! He also pocketed USD 14,790 and the APT Championship Ring.

We will have a recap for you shortly so stay tuned for that story in our headlines.

Congratulations to Aik Chuan, the newest APT Main Event Champion!!

Mitsuru Sano eliminated in 2nd place – USD 12,000

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 4000

Mitsuru Sano has just been eliminated and the newest APT Main Event champion has emerged…. Aik Chuan from Malaysia!

After Sano doubled up he still had difficulty trying to earn more chips as Chuan successfully grinded him down. Sano also lost a pot on a failed bluff. The final hand saw a raised pot preflop and the community spread of 10 9 4 in the middle. Both players checked and the turn fell 8. Chuan checked, Sano bet 30k, Chuan raised to 100k, and Sano shoved. Without hesitation, Chuan called.

Sano 8 6
Chuan J 10

The river Q ended the APT Main Event with Aik Chuan winning the USD 14,790 first prize, the APT Championship title, and the APT Championship Ring!

Mitsuru Sano doubles up

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 4000

Aik Chuan has been grinding down Mitsuru Sano until he climbed to over 1M in chips and Sano below 200k. However, the fight wasn’t over as Sano found an opportune spot to get it all in and get paid for it.

Sano raised to 50k and Chuan called. On the 3 J 5 flop, Chuan laid out a tall pile of blue denomination chips pushing Sano who snap called.

Chuan 4 6
Sano A A

While Chuan hoped for one of his open ended outs, the turn came A and river 3 for a dominating full house and a double up for Sano to 450k.

Chuan down to 801k.

Aik Chaun doubles up to 860k!

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Eighteen hands went by with small pots exchanged aback and forth but on the 19th hand, it was the clear opposite. Aik Chuan limped in, Mitsuru Sano jammed his massive stack, and snap-call from Chuan.

Chuan 9 9
Sano Q 7

The board shined on Chuan as it came A 8 4 9 9 for quads and the huge double up to 860k. Sano fell to 391k.

Heads up: Mitsuru Sano vs Aik Chuan

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Race for the championship title! One of these players will be winning their first APT Main Event championship title! Good luck!

Mitsuru Sano 883,000
Aik Chuan 368,000

Liu Yi railed in 3rd place – USD 12,000

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Liu Yi couldn’t take the Mitsuru Sano heat and fell out of the running in 3rd place. He lost his chips to Sano in two separate hands.

On the first one Yi raised to 43k on the sb seat and Sano defended on the bb seat. At the flop A Q K, both checked. The turn came J, Yi checked, Sano bet 25k, and Yi called. On the 3 river, Yi checked again, Sano fired out 120k sending Yi to the tank. Yi folded while showing his Q-J two pair. Sano shipped in the pot.

Immediately after, Yi raised to 32k on the button, Sano shoved, then Aik Chuan deliberated. He eventually folded but Yi called putting himself at risk.

Yi 7 7
Sano A K

The board ran A 4 2 J 3 for a higher pair to Sano. Chuan told Sano that he almost called with pocket fives. If he did, he would have won a huge double up.

Mitsuru Sano wins three consecutive pots

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Mitsuru Sano was down to 260k but has come right back up after winning three consecutive pots that reached the river. The most recent pot was in a three-way unraised pot that saw a flop run 5 A 4. Action checked to him on the button and he bet 16k. Both players called and the turn 8 brought more chips in. Aik Chuan bet 28k, Liu Yi folded, then Sano raised to 56k which Chuan called. On the 5 river, Chuan checked, Sano shoved, and he won the pot with Chuan folding.

Sano now up to 490k.

Liu Yi gains back the lead

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Liu Yi is on attack mode, he just won several sizable pots against both players to get back on top with over 500k. Mitsuru is down to 260k.

Aik Chuan taking control

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Aik Chuan is back up with the chip lead after winning a few early pots. The couple that the won off Liu Yi were the meatier stuff. On one of them, he defended his big blind and called a min-raise to 32k. At the flop of A Q 8, he check-called a 35k bet. On the J turn, both players checked, then on the A river, Chuan led for 54k and Yi folded.

Another winning hand was a limp from the small blind and Yi checked his option on the big blind. At the flop 2 5 Q, Chuan bet 18k and Yi called. On the 4 turn, both checked it and the dealer laid the 5 river. Chuan led for 22k and won it once again without a call.