APT-RWM Poker Finale 2014 Main Event

Huy Pham wins the Main Event! (1st – PHP3,185,000)

Level: 31 Blinds: 50000-100000 Ante: 10000

Huy Pham has done it! He came in as the chip leader and leaves as the Main Event champion!

Pham takes home the big kahuna first prize purse of PHP3,185,000 and the championship trophy!

Congratulations to Huy Pham!!

Tsuchikawa eliminated by Pham (2nd – PHP1,818,000)

Level: 31 Blinds: 50000-100000 Ante: 10000

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa eliminated!

We are giving you the final hand of the Main Event.

Action began with Tsuchikawa raising it up to 220K and Pham called.

At the flop of 5 2 Q, Pham checked and Tsuchikawa laid a continuation bet of 100K only to get raised to 250K. Tsuchikawa called.

On the turn of 7, Pham took the reins and slid out 450K worth of chips and Tsuchikawa calmly called.

Then on the river of 5, Pham wasted no time announcing he was all in putting Tsuchikawa at risk for his tournament life. Tsuchikawa debated this move and asked the tournament director if he needed to show his hand if he called and lost. With a negative on that, Tsuchikawa called the all in and Pham showed Q 7 for two pairs. Tsuchikawa mucked and the crowd roared. Pham eliminated Tsuchikawa and has claimed the final Main Event trophy and championship of APT 2014.

Tsuchikawa goes home with PHP1,818,000 for his runner-up finish.

Tsuchikawa traps Pham and doubles up

Level: 31 Blinds: 50000-100000 Ante: 10000

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa may have lost a big chunk to Huy Pham in a previous hand but he found a sweet opportunity to double up and be back in fighting contention. It began with Pham limping in from the and Tsuchikawa checking.

At the flop of A 9 10, both players checked to see a 5 turn card. Tsuchikawa bet 110,000 and Pham flat-called. Then on the river of 10, Tsuchikawa bet 350,000 and Pham quickly announced all in. Tsuchikawa called and flipped his cards open 10 9 for a full house. Pham was surprised as he showed his A K. Nice trap by Tsuchikawa!

Tsuchikawa has 2.1M chips

Pham has 3.6M chips

Pham hurting Tsuchikawa’s stack

Level: 31 Blinds: 50000-100000 Ante: 10000

Kicking off the heads up round, Huy Pham had about a 3:1 chip lead against Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. Tsuchikawa gained some chips when he three-bet Pham all in on the first hand however Pham retaliated in the next hand.

Tsuchikawa raised to 200,000 on the button and Pham called on the big blind.

At the flop of 10 J 4, Pham checked and Tsuchikawa bet 180,000. Pham called.

At the turn of 4 both players checked to see a free river card of K. Acting first, Pham bet 300,000 and Tsuchikawa quickly called. Pham showed a K 4 for a full house and Tsuchikawa just smiled while mucking. We also heard him say he would have called if Pham shoved. Luckily for him, Pham didn’t.

Pham Completes River Flush, Ousts John Tech (3rd Place – PHP 1,225,000)

Level: 31 Blinds: 50000-100000 Ante: 10000

With the board already showing 8 4 2 5, Jojo Tech fired 250,000 to the middle that sent Huy Pham to the tank.

Pham looked at tournament director Lloyd Fontillas and told him he’s all-in. Just as the TD announced the shove, there was a call from Tech and we have the biggest showdown in the main event.

Tech: 8 8
Pham: J 3

While trailing Tech’s set, Pham had a lot of outs on this one needing an ace, six or a any diamond.

No ace or six but the 9 came on the river! Tech is eliminated from the main event and we are on to our heads-up round between Pham and Tetsuya Tsuchikawa.

Pham has around 4.5M and Tet has just over a million.

Pham takes the lead from Tech

Level: 30 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

After a short break, Huy Pham and John Tech were again involved in a very big hand. Action began with Pham limping in from the small blind and Tech raising it from the big blind to make it a total of 240,000. Pham smooth-called and the dealer laid the flop…

Flop: 5 J K

Both players checked and a 7 was displayed on the turn. Pham led out for 200,000 and Tech snap-called. Then on the river of 10, Pham proved tough and laid out a 400,000 bet. Tech opted to fold giving Pham the massive pile in the middle.

Pham has now taken over the chip lead with 2.4M. Tech sits with 2M.

Merry Go Round

Level: 31 Blinds: 50000-100000 Ante: 10000

Last 3 players winning the last 3 hands.

First, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa took it down from the big blind with a 100,000 raise after Jojo Tech limped from the small blind.

Second, Tech gets the pass after raising from the button and the blinds folded.

Third, Huy Pham wins it after the flop with a 200,000 bet.

Tech takes back from Pham, now over 3M chips

Level: 30 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Huy Pham may have taken a chunk of John Tech’s stack in a previous hand but Tech has responded back to reclaim his chips and more. Action began with Pham raising to 170,000 from the small blind and Tech making the call.

At the flop of 4 9 5, Pham slid out 165,000 and without any hesitation, Tech called.

With the K landing on fourth street, Pham kept consistent and slid out bet, this time a tower worth 200,000 which Tech called again.

Then on the river of 8, Pham slowed down and checked to Tech who quickly laid out a 720,000 bet for Pham to ponder on.

Pham shook his head and soon folded. Tech scooped a huge pile of chips and is now up to 3.2M.

Pham Fires Back at Tech

Level: 30 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Jojo Tech opened postflop 8 10 8 with a 120,000 bet and Huy Pham tanked but eventually check-called.

The turn 5 arrived and this time, Tech fired 195,000. Pham responded by making it 400,000 total for the check-raise. Tech called.

On the river J, Pham didn’t waste any time in announcing, “all-in!” for over 650,000 or so.

Tech quickly folded. Pham rose to around 2.1M after this hand while Tech dropped to around 2.4M.