APT Poker Finale 2015 Main Event

Day 1b is over!

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Day 1b has been bagged up with 39 surviving the day. The chip leaders were Jae Chul Chang with 99,800 chips and Kota Nakano with 95,100 chips. Congratulations to all the qualifiers!

Nakano scoops a sizable pot against Lee

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Kota Nakano and Alex Lee were seen intensely staring down a board of 3 9 5 5 2 with around 18k weighing down the middle. Lee checked, Nakano bet 15k, and Lee called. Nakano showed his A A and Lee mucked giving Nakano a nice big pot before the end of the day.

Jeon folds another

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

A 13k pot was in the middle with a board of 8 4 9[2d} spread. John Carlo Sayo checked to Seung Soo Jeon who bet 5500. Sayo respondedwith an all in, and once again, Jeon folded as he did in the previous hand against Tech.

Tech muscles Jeon

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

John Tech muscled Seung Soo Jeon for the pot on a board of 4 A 10 2. With 8k already in the middle, Tech bet 3k, Jeon raised it to 7k, then Tech shoved. Jeon could not bring himself to call and Tech was awarded the pot.

Pangan scoops a sweet double up with aces

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Battle of the blinds with a pot already at 7.5k and a board of 3 K K 8. Pangan bet 4k from the sb seat and bb player Il Kwon Kim shoved. Pangan tanked for a bit then called for his tournament life. When the hole cards were revealed, Pangan had A A and Kim had 6 6. The river of 10 sealed the win for Pangan and he happily doubled up. Kim plummeted down to below 10k.

Tech’s fullhouse boots out Mudgal

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Dhaval Mudgal was in a pot against John Tech which we caught only on the turn board action. It read J 5 6 Q with Mudgal checking to Tech who bet 4k. Mudgal called and the river of 6 graced the felt. Mudgal checked again, Tech shoved with his big stack easily covering Mudgal. After tanking for sometime, Mudgal called for his tournament life and mucked when he saw Tech’s J 6 full house.

Pangan doubles up

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 50

Luke Pangan was all in preflop and SJ Kim called. Pangan had K J and Kim had A Q. The board would make Pangan happy as it landed a king on the flop. Pangan went on to win the hand and doubled up.

Yeo rails Kang with an unintentional raise

Level: 8 Blinds: 250-500 Ante: 5

From the big blind seat, Kelvin Yeo intended to call William Kang’s raise when he put a 5k chip on the betting line instead, it was considered an automatic re-raise. Kang decided to commit all his chips that the re-raise covered due to the error. When the cards were revealed, Kang was still behind with his 8 9 against Yeo’s Q 9. The board ran 2 8 K 10 Q and with that, Kang was eliminated and Yeo was glad for the chips.

Park pushes for the win

Level: 7 Blinds: 200-400 Ante: 50

With a board showing J 8 2 4 9 and a pot of around 20k or more in the middle, a player from the utg seat bet 15k leaving himself around 9k behind. Kevin Park shoved, placing the utg player all in, and the hand quickly ended with the utg surrendering the pot. Park has around 75k.