APT Philippines 2017 II Main Event

Day 2 ends with Gyeong Byeong Lee as the leader; 22 remain

Day 2 is in the books! After the scheduled eight rounds of play, the money wasn’t reached which meant it was bagging time. 22 players remain out of the 81 that started the day. Sitting at the top of the rung with a commanding stack is a past APT Main Event champion, Gyeong Byeong Lee. Action was quite fierce today so stand by for the recap which we will have for you shortly.

The Main Event will resume at 1pm tomorrow. The money starts flowing at 18 places.

Gyeong Byeong Lee takes two away from Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Ever since Gyeong Byeong Lee shipped in that massive pile by eliminating Ong Dingxiang, he has been extra active at the table. This led to him losing multiple pots to a few players. He did make up some of it in two hands against Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. The first one ran to the river and Lee won with a higher kicker five-card  spread with A-Q over A-10.

The next one saw a flop of K 3 A and a 30k bet called by Tsuchikawa. On the Q turn and Q river, both checked and Lee won with A-9 two pair over Tsuchikawa’s K-2 lower two pair.

Eugene Co’s full house gets some good pay

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Eugene Co and Gyeong Byeong Lee faced off witn the latter raising to 15k preflop and Co making the call on the big blind. At the flop 3 9 9, Co check-called Lee’s 15k bet. On the 7 turn, both checked. On the river K, Co led for 50k and got the call from Lee. Co opened up 3 3 full house for a nice pot. He now has 430k.

Sung Ho Kim doubles up, Iori Yogo plummets

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

There are 22 players remaining with five past APT Main Event champions still in the running. One of them, Iori Yogo, was sporting a decent stack until he took a hit by doubling up Sung Ho Kim.

Kim J J
Yogo A Q

The board offered nothing but blanks and Kim’s jacks earned him a double up to 300k while Yogo dropped below 100k.

Massive takedown for Gyeong Byeong Lee! Zooms to 840K

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Gyeong Byeong Lee is without a doubt the monstrous chip leader after having just eliminated Ong Dingxiang. The hand started off with Ong raising to 15k and Lee defending on the big blind. At the flop A 6 7, Lee checked to Ong who slid out 17k and Lee called. On the 10 turn, Lee checked again, Ong continued with a 48k bet and this time Lee check-raised to 120k. Ong pushed all in and Lee snap-called.

Lee 9 8 straight
Ong 6 6 set

The river Q did not improve Ong and he busted out. Lee now has 840k.

Big stacks get bigger

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Gyeong Byeong Lee and Jin Yong are not only backed by a massive artillery but they also added more fire power in the opening hands of this new level.

For Lee, he started off losing a small pot to Eugene Co but made up for it with a bigger scoop on the next hand. Hideaki Ohashi raised to 15k and Lee called on the big blind. At the flop 7 10 5 both players checked. On the Q turn, Lee led for 20k and Ohashi called. The river Q had Lee send out 30k and won the pot with Ohashi folding up. Lee climbed to 600k.

At a separate table, Jin Yong raised to 16k and Ian Lee defended his big blind with a call. On the flop J 7 8, both players checked. On the 2 turn, Lee bet 15k, Yong raised to 44k, and Lee called. Contrary to the heavy betting on the turn, ┬áthe A river slowed them down with no bets laid out. Lee had K-J but was behind Yong’s K-K. Yong climbed to 528k.

Break time update, 23 players left

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

We are down to 23 players. Leading in chips is APT past champion SJ Kim with around 640k. Running second is another past champion, Gyeong Byeong Lee with 580k in chips. Zentaro Nakayashiki has the third highest with 510k.

Zentaro Nakayashiki zooms to half a mil

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Zentaro Nakayashiki may have been fairly quiet all day but he has always kept an average stack to back him up. Well not anymore. Nakayashiki now has much more than that after railing David Chargualaf. The hand saw three players in on a raised pot preflop with each one putting in 40k. On the flop of 8 9 4, Chargualaf moved all in, SJ Kim folded, and Nakayashiki with the call.

Chargualaf A 9 top pair
Nakayashiki K K

The turn 5 and river K improved the already ahead Nakayashiki with his set and Chargualaf was eliminated. Nakayashiki shipped in over 500K.

Ian Lee headed upwards, rails Ram Farajash

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Ian Lee entered the day running second in chips and throughout the day his stack has been swinging a bit. For the past couple of rounds, it seems he now has settled into a steady rise and is slowly climbing up the ranks. We just witnessed him rail Ram Farajash, the day’s entering chip leader. Farajash had A-6 and Lee had K-Q. The board paired both of Lee’s cards and Farajash quickly left the scene. He now has around 380K.