APT Philippines 2016 III Main Event

Korea’s In Chul Sin wins the Main Event! – USD 67,660-韩国选手Chul Sin收获主赛冠军!

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Korea’s In Chul Sin is in cloud nine at the moment having landed a backdoor flush to capture the championship title! Sin doesn’t have that many cashes at the APT but this one is all he needs to boast of. Sin came into the Final 8 running third in chips and did nothing else but keep on increasing. He ships in the hefty USD 67,660 first place cash prize, the APT Championship Ring, and the APT championship trophy.

韩国选手In Chul Sin以排名第三的筹码量入局决战桌,他在决赛的表现一直很稳定,筹码量也随之一路攀升,Sin最终收获APT主赛冠军戒指、冠军奖杯及奖金67,660美元。

Congratluations to In Chul Sin! We will have a recap for you shortly .

恭喜In Chul Sin! 战报将稍后奉上。

Jin Yong eliminated in 2nd place – USD 38,970-Jin Yong拿下主赛亚军!

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Jin Yong has just fallen at the Main Event and has to settle for a runner up finish. Here’s how it went down…

Jin Yong在以下回合结束后,收获2016APT菲律宾站III主赛亚军

He raised to 290k prelfop and In Sin called. At the flop of J 5 5, Sin checked, Yong bet 475k, Sin raised to 1.475M, Yong announced all in, and Sin called.

此役Jin于翻牌前加注至二十九万,In Sin跟进,翻牌圈  J 5 5,Sin过牌,Jin下注四十七万五,Sin加注至一百四十七万五,Jin all in,Sin跟进

Yong Q Q
Sin J 9

Yong was clearly leading with a higher two pair but with the turn of 6 and river of A, Sin was granted a backdoor flush to take the lead and win the Main Event. Yong earned USD 38,970 for his impressive performance today.

虽然Jin在翻牌圈领先,不过转牌河牌 6  A落定之后,Sin达成同花胜出,Jin最终获得第二名,奖金38,970美元。

Sin answers back-Sin强势反击

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Jin Yong shaved off some of In Sin’s stack on the first hand of the heads up round but was able to retrieve some back. Yong raised to 190k Sin jammed 455k, Yong folded.

此役Jin Yong加注至十九万,Sin猛推四十五万五,Yong弃牌

Yong deals first blow-Yong强势胜出

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

The heads up round has begun and Jin Yong delivered the first blow. In Sin raised to 190k and Yong called.

单挑局一开场,In Sin就率先发力,加注至十九万,Yong弃牌

The flop came 6 J 9, Yong bet 300k, Sin called. On the turn of 7, Yong sent out an aggressive 875k bet, Sin surrendered his hand.

翻牌圈 6 J 9,Jin Yong下注三十万,Sin跟进,转牌 7,Yong猛推八十七万五,Sin弃牌

Heads up! 单挑局!

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

We are down to the last two players at the Main Event with USD 67,660 first place purse up for grabs!


In Sin 6.645M
Jin Yong 2.625M

Good luck to the players!


Edward Pastoll settles for 3rd place – USD 26,520-Pastoll拿下第三名,奖金26,520美元

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Edward Pastoll was just dealt his final hand of the Main Event. After winning a previous pot on a shove that In Sin opted not to call, he entered this pot with a raise to 185k and this time Sin called.


On the flop of 10 Q 6, Sin checked to the raiser Pastoll who sent out 235k. Sin flat-called. On the turn of 9, Sin checked again, Pastoll bet 255k, then Sin announced all in covering Pastoll in chips. Pastoll called and put his tournament life on the line.

翻牌圈 10 Q 6,Sin过牌,Pastoll下注二十三万五,Sin平跟,转牌 9,Sin再次过牌,Pastoll下注二十五万五,Sin all in, Pastoll倾尽所有跟注

Pastoll K J straight-顺子
Sin J 4 flush-同花

Though Sin was ahead, Pastoll could still overtake with a higher flush. The river card of K was not the out he needed and he ended in 3rd place. Pastoll earned USD 26,520 for his finish.

Sin最终拿下第三名,即便河牌 K也无济于事,Pastoll收获奖金26,520美金。

Yong takes it-Yong强势胜出

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Jin Yong and In Sin, the big stacks at the final three, go at it in this hand. Yong raised to 240k preflop and Sin called. On the flop of 6 10 A, both checked it. On the turn of 9, checked again. Then on the river card of 7, Yong jumped out with a 430k bet and won it with Sin unable to tango.

此役Jin Yong于翻牌前加注至二十四万,Sin跟进;翻牌圈  6 10 A, 双方过牌,转牌 9,再次过牌,河牌 7落定,Yong下注四十三万,Sin弃牌

Sin vs Pastoll

Level: 27 Blinds: 40000-80000 Ante: 10000

Small blind player In Sin kicked off the next level with a raise to 165k and big blind Edward Pastoll threw in the call. The board ran Q 9 8, Sin bet 135k and won it with a fold from Pastoll.

此役小盲位In Sin加注至十六万五千,大盲位Edward Pastoll跟进,公共牌 Q 9 8,Sin下注十三万五千,Pastoll弃牌

Break time chip counts-休息时间到

Level: 26 Blinds: 30000-60000 Ante: 10000

We are on a ten minute break, three players remaining.


Edward Pastoll 1.555M
Jin Yong 2.465M
In Sin 5.250M