APT Philippines 2015

Julius Malzanini is APT Philippines 2015 Main Event Champion!

Level: 29 Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Ante: 10,000

Tech opened with 120,000 pre-flop and saw Malzanini re-raise to 300,000. Tech makes it to 700,000 and Malzanini shoved… Tech made the call!

Tech: A Q
Malzanini: A 10

Tech was ahead but the flop Q 7 3 set-up some outs for Malzanini.

That out came right on the turn 2 and the river 6 was just for formality on the crowning of JULIUS MALZANINI as the APT Philippines 2015 Main Event champion!

Jojo Tech Can’t Clinch Back-to-Back APT ME Titles, Settles for Runner-Up Finish

Level: 29 Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Ante: 10,000

Jojo Tech has just been busted out of the main event, which means that we’ve found our champion!

Tech, who won the the APT Asian Series Cebu 2015 Main Event, can’t make it back-to-back in the main event. Still, the 2nd place effort is worth it!

Tech Wins Twice

Level: 29 Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Ante: 10,000

In the last two hands, Jojo Tech has chipped up a bit.

On a flop of 2 10 2 he fired 175,000 and Malzanini folded.

On a board of 3 A 4 7 7 (with flop raise to 150,000 and checks on turn/river), Tech tabled 5 3– enough to win the hand.

Tech Stops Skid

Level: 29 Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Ante: 10,000

Malzanini opens for 120,000 and got called to see the flop 7 9 J.

Tech led out for 160,000 and was called to bring the turn 3. Both players checked and the river 2 landed. Tech fires 325,000 and Malzanini folded.

Tech has 1.9M and Malzanini has 3.3M.

Tech Drops a Million

Level: 28 Blinds: 25000-50000 Ante: 5,000

Our last report showed a virtual tie for both players. In the last three-four hands, Tech lost about a million or so

Tech: 1.6M
Malzanini: 3.6M

Blinds up to 30K/60K with 5K antes.

Dead Even, Once Again

For the third time since play was heads-up, we’ve seen chips virtually dead even with both players having 2.6M each.

The most recent one had a flop of Q 7 5 when Tech fired 225,000 on the raised pot. Malzanini folded his hand and Tech won the hand.

Tech’s Comeback Continues

Level: 29 Blinds: 25,000-50,000 Ante: 5,000

Flop: 6 2 6
Pot: 210,000

Malzanini check-calls Tech for 150,000.

Both checked the turn 5 and on the river 4 Malzanini check-folded to 325,000.

Tech wins the pot and has now around 2.4M; Malzanini still has the lead with 3.8M.

Tech Fighting Back

Level: 28 Blinds: 25,000-50,000 Ante: 5,000

On a raised flop 4 6 8 both players checked to see the turn 2. Malzanini bets 155,000 and got a call for the river 5. Malzanini fires 300, Tech fires back with 750,000 and Malzanini wouldn’t indulge Tech further.

Tech jumps to 2.1M; Malzanini drops to 3.1M.

Flush Extends Tech’s Tournament Life

Moving all-in with K 9, Jojo Tech got a call from Malzanini who had A Q

Flop shows two diamonds, another came on the turn and Tech doubles up to over around 1.6M.