Hong Out! (20th Place – $4,500)

Unlike earlier bust-outs that involved the short and shorter stacks, this one involved a player with a relatively bigger stack entering Day 3.

On a flop of 10 9 6, Ha Duong bet 57,000 in a pot that already amounted to roughly 100,000 thanks to raise and re-raises pre-flop. His heads-up opponent, Ryan Hong, called.

On the turn 2, Duong just checked and saw Hong move all-in for 220,000! Duong, the current chip leader called!

Hong: Q J
Duong: A K

Duong hit nothing but Hong was also just on a straight draw! The river 5 landed and Hong is officially out of the tournament! Duong climbs to 1.36M.

Hong is out in 20th place for $4,500.