APT Manila 2017 Main Event

DAYS: 2 3

Day 2 ends with Neil Raine as the massive chip leader

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Day 2 is a wrap! We will have a recap for you shortly as our highlight story but without a doubt, Neil Raine is the commanding chip leader with 1,217,00 in chips.

12 players survived the day and will return tomorrow for the final showdown to the title and the PHP 757,800 first place purse. Only 10 players will reach the money so that means two of these strong contenders will leave with no return. We will have the chip count up shortly.

Neil Raine crosses 1M

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Neil Raine has breached the seven-digit chip range after winning a pot against William Ysmael. The hand saw a raised pot preflop and the dealer spreading out A 5 A. Raine bet 35k and Ysmael called. On the 6 turn, both checked it and the dealer laid out the final card 7. Raine bet a huge 150k and Ysmael folded.

Raine now at 1.070M in chips.

Wow! What happened here? Ask William Ysmael

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the action on this hand but we did see William Ysmael fold A J nut flush on a 59k bet by Shyh Chyn Lim on the river board K 5 Q 10 Q. Everyone at the table was just as shocked as we were. Ysmael had well over 400k behind. Lim showed a J. Bad fold? Respect.

Anton Del Rosario falls to Shyh Chyn Lim

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

Anton Del Rosario was the next player to hit the rail. He moved it all in with A 9 and was called by Shyh Chyn Lim with 4 4. The board drew blanks and that was it for the Day 1B chip leader. We are down to 12 players. Two more to go and they will be in the money.

Taro Kimura folds kings to Nakajima Shigenori

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 1000

We aren’t sure what was on Taro Kimura’s mind when he folded a big hand to Nakajima Shigenori but the action went:

Shigenori raise to 22k
Kimura three-bet to 60k
Shigenori four-bet to 142k
Kimura tanked then timed out

To everyone’s shock, Kimura showed his fold… K K. Kimura stays in the running with 170k.

Marcel McGray eliminated by Anthony Abram

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

It was the end of the line for Marcel McGray who was all in with pocket queens but was dominated by Anthony Abram’s pocket kings. The board ran K-8-5-2-8 to further improve Abram to a full house. Abram climbed to nearly 550k.

Andre Moracchini busts! Burned by Neil Raine on the river

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Another insane hand went down with the chip leaders going head-to-head, Andre Moracchini against Neil Raine. Action kicked off with Raine raising to 15k and was called by Moracchini. At the flopĀ  A 10 8, Raine continued with an 18k bet and Moracchini flat-called. On the A turn, Raine sent out 25k, Moracchini fired out a 61k raise, and Raine shoved his stack that covered Moracchini. Moracchini called.

Moracchini A Q trips
Raine Q 5 flush draw

The river J was not what Moracchini wanted to see with Raine’s draw successful. Moracchini was eliminatedĀ  and Raine amassed an overwhelming stack of 860k in chips.

Sick call by William Ysmael against Anton Del Rosario

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

We’ve seen many crazy hands all day but this one was a particularly great hand with William Ysmael calling out Anton Del Rosario’s bluff. The hand began with three players beefing up the pot with 12k each. On the flop of 6 8 K, everyone checked. On the J turn, Ysmael checked, Shyh Chyn Lim checked, Del Rosario bet 17k, Ysmael raised to 38k, and got Del Rosario to call after Lim folded.

On the K river, Ysmael checked, Del Rosario fired out a 40k bet, and after contemplating, Ysmael called.

Del Rosario 10 7
Ysmael A 9

Both players missed and Ysmael won with his higher spread.

Andre Moracchini doubles up Anton Del Rosario again

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

It was round two of shipping in a double up for Anton Del Rosario through Andre Moracchini. The hand kicked off with a raise by Neil Raine to 12k and got called by both Moracchini and Del Rosario.

At the flop 9 4 7, bb Del Rosario checked, Raine continued with a 16k bet, Moracchini raised to 35k, Del Rosario called, and Raine opted to get out of the way and fold.

On the turn 2, Moracchini bet 35k, Del Rosario shoved and got the call.

Moracchini K 9
Del Rosario 7 7 set

The 5 river was good a winning hand to Del Rosario. He climbed to 280k.