APT Manila 2016 Main Event

Alexis Lim lands quads to win the Main Event! – PHP766,000-Alexis斩获冠军!

Alexis Lim entered the day as one of the shortest stacks but with his might, patience, and perseverance, he rose to the top to win the whole shebang. Lim faced the aggressive Nguyen Hoang Huy at the heads up round and after winning a a crucial double up, he never looked back.

Alexis Lim以短码入局,不过凭借耐心和毅力,他最终脱颖而出,在单挑局战胜Huy,收获主赛冠军;

Lim eliminated Huy with full house over quads on a board of 6 9 J J J. Huy held 7 7 and Lim with J Q. Lim earned the PHP766,000 first place purse, the championship trophy, and the APT Championship Ring.

Lim以底牌  J Q公共牌 6 9 J J J达成四条,击溃Huy以底牌 7 7达成的满堂红,斩获2016APT马尼拉站主赛冠军,奖金766,000比索

Congratulations to Alexis Lim for winning the Main Event!

恭喜Alexis Lim!

Nguyen Hoang Huy railed in 2nd place – PHP473,000-Huy拿下亚军!

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Nguyen Hoang Huy tried every aggressive move to regain more chips and be in fighting contention against Alexis Lim. He won six small pots consecutively to nearly double his short stack Lim was simply biding his time until he laid out the big one. And it happened.


Huy raised to 60k preflop and Lim called. On the flop of 6 9 J, Lim checked to aggressor Huy who banged out a 100k bet. Lim smooth-called. On the turn of J, Lim checked and Huy opted to slow down and check back. On the river of J, Lim checked again, laying out a trap, and Huy bit. Huy shoved his 318k remaining stack, and Lim snap called. Huy had 7 7 full house but Lim had him way beat with J Q quads.

此役Huy加注至六万,Lim跟进,翻牌圈 6 9 J,Lim过牌,Huy下注十万,Lim闪跟,转牌发出 J,Lim过牌,Huy放慢节奏过牌,河牌 J落定,Lim再次过牌,Huy all in 318k, Lim闪跟,Huy底牌 7 7达成满堂红,不过Lim手握 J Q达成四条胜出。

Huy was eliminated in 2nd place for a PHP473,000 deep run payout.


Huy’s bluff exposed, goes down to 280k-Huy唬牌不成,筹码降至二十八万

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

After several tags back and forth, Alexis Lim turned up a nice hand to send Nguyen Hoang Huy’s stack spiraling down. The hand saw Huy raise to 50k and Lim flat call. At the flop of 10 5 4, Lim checked to Huy who bet 60k. Lim called. On the turn of 2, they checked it and the river came Q. Lim quietly checked to Huy who sent out a towering 120k chips. Lim called. Huy opened up J 8 bluff that was far behind Lim’s Q 5 two pair.

在几回合你来我往之后,Huy加注至五万,Lim平跟,翻牌圈 10 5 4,Lim过牌,Huy下注六万,Lim跟进,转牌  2,双方过牌,河牌  Q落定,Lim过牌,Huy猛推十二万,Lim跟进,Huy亮出底牌  J 8,Lim底牌 Q 5达成两队胜出

Lim keeping Huy at bay-Lim持续跟进

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Chip leader Alexis Lim won three small pots against Nguyen Hoang Huy  to maintain his healthy lead. In the recent win, both players were in a limped pot with a board of K A 6. Huy bet out 45k and Lim called. O the turn of J, no bets were fired, but on the river of 10, Huy came out with a 50k bet and Lim called. Huy mucked and Lim won it without having to show.

此役翻牌圈 K A 6.,Huy下注四万五,Lim跟进,转牌 J,双方过牌,河牌 10落定,Huy下注五万,Lim跟进,Huy埋牌告负

Nguyen Hoang Huy climbs to 600k-Huy筹码增至六十万!

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Nguyen Hoang Huy is on a mission to get back up and seize the title. His aggressive playing has awarded him several small pots to reach over 600k. Huy raised to 50k preflop and Alexis Lim called. The flop ran 8 2 J, Lim checked, Huy slid out 100k. Lim matched him up. On the turn of A, Lim checked again, and Huy shoved. Lim folded.

此役Huy加注至五万,Alexis Lim跟进,翻牌圈 8 2 J,Lim过牌,Huy下注十万,Lim跟进,转牌  A,Lim再次过牌,Huy all in, Lim弃牌

A straight for Huy-Huy达成顺子!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Nguyen Hoang Huy won a sizable pot on a board of 6 J A 4 5 with his 8 7 straight. Alexis Lim showed one card, A for top pair. Huy now at over 500k chips.

此役Nguyen Hoang Huy以底牌 8 7公共牌 6 J A 4 5 达成顺子胜出,Alexis Lim亮出一张底牌  A,达成顶对,Huy筹码增至五十万

Huy drops some more-Huy错失底池

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Despite dropping in chips, Nguyen Hoang Huy is still the aggressor at the heads up round. His raises and continuation bets have earned him some pots to bring his stack over the 400k range. After all his grinding, he lost the gain and more to Alexis Lim to drop down to 320k. Lim limped in and Huy raised to 45k. Lim called. At the flop of 7 10 3, both checked. On the turn of 3, Huy bet 40k and Lim flat-called. On the river of 6, they kept it friendly and checked. Lim won with his 10 8 two pair.

尽管错失几轮底池,Huy依旧相当激进,筹码也攀升逾四十万;此役Lim平跟,Huy加注至四万五,Lim跟进,翻牌圈 7 10 3,双方过牌,转牌 3,Huy下注四万,Lim平跟,河牌 6落定,双方过牌,Lim以底牌  10 8达成两对胜出,Huy筹码降至叁拾贰万

Shifting tides, Lim doubles up to over 1M -Lim筹码翻番,增至百万!

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Lots of action in this hand with the tides completely reversing. Alexis Lim limped in and Nguyen Hoang Huy raised to 65k on the big blind. Lim called.

此役Alexis Lim跟进,Nguyen hoang Huy在大盲位加注至六万五,Lim跟进

At the flop of 5 K 3, both checked and the dealer felted a K on the turn. Leading out was Huy with a big 150k bet. Lim flat-called. On the river of 8, Huy went all in and Lim called for his tournament life.

翻牌圈 5 K 3, 双方过牌,转牌 K ,Huy下注150k,Lim平跟,河牌 8落定,Huy all in, Lim跟进

Huy A 6
Lim K 6 trips-达成三条

Lim earned a massive double up and now sits with over 1M in chips. Huy fell to 360k.


Players tango back and forth-双方互有攻守

Level: 23 Blinds: 8000-16000 Ante: 2000

Nguyen Hoang Huy and Alexis Lim go back and forth in winning small pots with hardly a flop to generate more action. Huy shoved in one of the hands and won it still with no flop on the board.

近期双方互有攻守,Huy在翻牌前all in 之后,无人跟,收获底池